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Chariots Of The Gods
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Controversial website concerning mars and moon anomalies. Run by Richard Hoagland and his team of researchers.
Free The Matrix
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Everything Scary
Directory of Fear
Crop Circle Connector
Yet another great site filled with the most recent crop circle photos found throughout the world. Large archive.
Paranoia : The Conspiracy Reader
Since 1992 Paranoia: The Conspiracy Reader has enlightened readers with alternative views and marginalized theories of the inner workings behind sociopolitical events. Think of Paranoia as a Time Capsule.
Some of the best articles online concerning crop circles and cattle mutilations.
Website filled with articles, news, and photos concerning hauntings within the New England territory.
Narratives of the Weird
Narratives of the Weird
Some of the best articles online concerning crop circles and cattle mutilations.
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Lucy Pringle’s Crop Circle Photographs and Research
Welcome to Lucy Pringle’s crop circle homepage. Within this web site you will find details on current research projects, information on crop circle related merchandise available, and a gallery of Lucy’s award winning Crop Circle Photographs.
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Luminence Films: Video Sales
In these programs you will see some of the most amazing images of spirits ever recorded-exactly as they were revealed to our cameras...
Luminence Films
In these programs you will see some of the most amazing images of spirits ever recorded-exactly as they were revealed to our cameras...
Project Red Star
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Ghostly Talk
Sunday Night radio show from Michigan!
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The Legend of Robin Hood
Latterly the Yorkshire Robin Hood story has taken a bizarre twist. Stories of paranormal phenomena have been reported,including ghosts,vampires and secret exorcisms...
Edgar Cayce’s journeys into the afterlife
He was America’s most documented clairvoyant and spiritualist and was also a devout Christian. In 1910, the New York Times carried two pages of headlines and pictures in which he was declared the "World’s Most Mysterious Man."
the Utah Ufo Hunter’s Investigation Team
We have been going to NIDs/Bigelow/Mystery ranch for several years now, and just completed our 2003 Ranch report. As you are aware many paranormal events have taken place at this mystery ranch in the past few years, and perhaps through the centuries...
Higher Balance
Willard Library Ghost Cams
The Willard Library Ghost Cams were inspired by the question "Is Willard Library Haunted?"
Nessie Cam
UFO radiation suspected in Loch Ness...this could be first evidence of visitors from outer space...our special research project will be looking for more possible traces of paranormal activity in the area.
Belfast mill Ghost Cam
A young linen worker, named Helena Blunden, died after a tragic fall in a Belfast mill in 1912. There are many people who believe she still haunts the mill today.
Planet X Video
UFO Theater
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Alien Observer.com
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Great Bend, KS Local Haunt
Reproduced news stories on a local haunting in Great Bend, Kansas
Psychic Realm
Psychic Website
Society For Paranormal Investigation
Ghost Chasers International
Ghost Hunting is not an exact science and I do not have absolute proof but I do have enough evidence to support the possibility of the existence of ghosts.
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Posted:9/19/2014 10:55:01 PM
I guess I do have a temper.

Posted:9/17/2014 4:34:10 PM
Hey there Clumsy. Nice for you to drop in :) I'm pretty sure it isn't a demon. And I doubt Google has a policy of blurring out enigmas that might change people's perception of reality. But it's blurred now, and that set off a chain reaction on the interwebs of mixed opinion.

Posted:9/17/2014 4:29:13 PM
The only problem--if it is even a problem--when saying you have a chemical imbalance, is that no doctor on planet earth can tell what balanced chemicals even are. What is the proper amount for each? No one knows. More than likely, it is not a chemical imbalance, it is just that you have been wrong. That's it. And being wrong is not a chemical imbalance. It is a fact of life.

Posted:9/17/2014 9:15:13 AM
I've never heard it described as "compulsive paranoia" but it makes sense. I didn't understand what was happening to me. Every thought I had, it seemed as if the world responded in a way to support it, as if the universe was saying, "Yeah, that thought seems pretty fucked up on the surface, but hey! It's totally true. Surprised someone finally noticed. Better run with it! For your own protection! Finally! Someone knows the truth." How did the universe do this? Through an unending chain of coincidence. I started calling it "Magic Box Syndrome" for whatever reason.

Let's say, for instance, you begin to think that the government has bugged your house and is monitoring you for whatever reason, and you have this thought that goes, "Hmm. I wonder if there is a camera in that picture frame hanging on the wall." As soon as you think this, your cat jumps up on the television, stares at the same picture frame as you, and starts meowing at it incessantly. Would it freak you out? To get away from that scary thought, you just want to shut off your mind so you go to bed, praying you will stop noticing things in a way to make you think the government is after you because you know that is just ludicrous. You wake up the next morning because your phone won't stop ringing and the Caller ID says "U.S. Government." WHAT THE FUCK!, you say, none of this is real--someone is fucking with me. You throw your phone against the wall. This continues for weeks. You get worse and worse. Your world spirals out of control. You start saying and doing the most bizarre shit ever.

And what happens when you go to a doctor over something like this? "You need to take medication to control your hallucinations." You want to argue with them and say, "They are not hallucinations! Look on my Caller ID! Look at the mail that was sent to me!" No, they say, you are misinterpreting everything and you are lost in your own world."

You know what that medication does, though? It shuts off your mind. You can't even think. You have no thoughts. Nothing runs through your head anymore. You can't follow any more narratives. You just sit there and stare at a wall, wondering if you have anything in your life left to say or do, or if anything you've done so far has had any meaning. You want to slit your wrists and end it all, because hey! Doctors feel you no longer have the RIGHT to think because you cannot interpret things in a way that you are supposed to interpret it, in a way in which you are functional.

But there is another solution to this type of thinking that doesn't involve giving yourself a mental handicap known as "meds" for the rest of your life. Meds are fucking evil. If, for instance, the world seemingly responds to any thought process you may have, begin to invent a world in which you can be wrong. The government ISN'T after you. You are NOT in purgatory. Begin to invent a world that you WANT to live in. When you do this, you begin to realize that EVERYONE is psychotic and no one knows the truth, if the truth even exists. Everyone is just making shit up endlessly and they are all POSITIVE they are right. Everyone latches on to an opinion and they find evidence for it everywhere. Why? Because they are LOOKING for it. And when you look, you will see exactly what you want to see. Wow, that fluttering window blind was a ghost--my house is haunted by my grandmother who is watching over me! UFOs are abducting me! I just saw Bigfoot! The Illuminati are going to enslave us all! I had this dream about the end of the world! And on and on.

A few years ago I wrote an article on this site called "How to Materialize in a Parallel Universe." I didn't realize when I wrote it that a parallel universe was exactly where I was going to end up. What you look for BECOMES your reality, no matter how fucked up that reality may be. Your interpretation of the events taking place around you becomes the voice of God Himself. In your parallel universe, you are special. You are smart. You are brave. You are "awake" unlike the rest of the "sheeple". You know the truth. It's all storytelling. Following a narrative which boosts your ego. Aliens want YOUR special DNA. The government wants to prevent YOUR truths from being revealed. YOUR child is an indigo child. YOU have found the secrets of the cosmos in prime numbers. *sighs

I'm not special, and neither is my mind. Over the past few years, I've grown to learn that I'm just as fucked up as everyone else. As such, it's best to keep my mouth shut.

Posted:9/16/2014 3:30:52 PM
Banned until you learn to shutup about the Kennedys, stay on topic, and stop derailing EVERYTHING.

Posted:9/16/2014 11:04:21 AM
So, if you do not consider the Kennedys a paranormal topic, why do you keep talking about it in the forums out of context? STOP. You are obsessed and no one gives a damn about an argument that makes no sense and/or cannot be logically put together in a way that sounds reasonable and is continuously mentioned when people are trying to have a conversation about something else entirely. Here's a book for you to read on how to make a point and stay on topic:

The Lively Art of Writing

As for your view--why would I want to live my life seeing myself as being part of a penal colony? You consider this a "correct" working model, but you know how you start viewing yourself in that world? A prisoner. You start relating to everything through prisoner's eyes. That doesn't make it correct. When I thought I was in purgatory, every decision I tried to make became a life or death call for my soul. I couldn't even eat green beans without thinking someone had poisoned them as some sort of test of my soul's value. I was miserable.

Enjoy feeling like a prisoner for the rest of your life--I'm sure you play your role quite well: Stanford Prison Experiment.

Posted:9/16/2014 9:43:29 AM
You don't have to fit in. You can think what you want--and you do. Your spatial perception may have once been tested as really amazing 50 years ago, but I still see no evidence of mental greatness.

The first part of your post made sense, for instance, but we weren't talking about Kennedy in any way, shape, or form and it makes no sense in context. So stop bringing up something that isn't on the subject because it doesn't have any logical flow to anyone other than yourself and ruins the forums. Make your Kennedy forum and post it there. You can own that forum and steer it in any matter that you want for as long as you want.

Posted:9/16/2014 8:58:03 AM
Inspiration can come from anywhere. Dreams, for instance. For example, I had a dream that all opposites were combined into one another. So there was such things as fire-water, and up-down. These were not based on anything that I had witnessed. This isn't to say that in the past, someone didn't witness something in their world which inspired them, but it is not proof of their existence by any stretch.

Posted:9/16/2014 8:54:08 AM
Viewing this world as a penal colony is a choice. That choice makes you "see" differently than what is generally accepted. If you told a doctor that you viewed this world as a penal colony, he would medicate you. I, for instance, felt for a time that I was in purgatory. I found evidence of it everywhere. But just because I saw this did not mean that it was true. So, I guess whatever you do, never try to convince a doctor of your mindset.

Posted:9/16/2014 8:39:07 AM
Awesome legend. Thanks for posting.