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Haunted Ancient Ram Inn187
The Haunted Island of Poveglia.1188
Hound of Mons1225
Green Children of Woolpit4444
Laser Tag with Ghosts1420
Ion Detector and the Paranormal 1349
The Spirit Box1415
The Devil Bird of Sri Lanka1501
Devil's Gate Dam51064
The Philip Experiment81723
The Dungarvon Whooper1635
The Haunted Forest of Hoia-Baciu21249
The Legend of the Deer Woman41202
The Jersey Devil and Phenomenal Week1756
The Legend of Sheepsquatch51320
The Legend of the Goatman71875
Melon Heads31053
Jure Grando - The First Written Vampire 1558
The Penanggalan61186
The Adze1522
The Teke-Teke91658
The Aka Manto71298
The Kuckisake-Onna3741
Sleep Paralysis, Demons, Ufos or Just Ate Something Bad?121895
Atmospheric Beast3786