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Best Paranormal Hypothesis of 2014 - The Berenstein Bears188
As an impartial observer....Sony Pictures vs. North Korea3128
Ganzfeld effect : Fun With White Noise1150
The Necessary Cruelty of Facts2213
The Satanic Statue Being Made for Oklahoma's Statehouse Is Coming Along Nicely1170
"We have gone beyond a universe built entirely on possibility"13949
The root of all evil9923
Forced Perception6652
Militarized Police in Ferguson7661
The world is(n't) overpopulated7845
Thoughts on Ebola9877
Someone stole my imagination382478
Idea for a New Paranormal Reality TV Show132108
Central Texas Paranormal Evidence: Ghost Captured During A Home Investigation.52441
St. Albans Sanitorium is definitely haunted61847
Georgia Guidestones Web Series206819
Bitcoins: The Pragmatic Solution to Combat World Banks285927
Bitcoin users?225776
Star Jelly112501
Requests to Gary174735
Dream Trolls112551
A Patent for a Circuit Controlled by Psi Abilities41169
Report a Coincidence667436
Welcome to the Universe in which the apocalypse didn't happen396288
Confession Booth for Friday December 21st163876
Gagged for Life MUFON Star Team Agreement103353
The Scole Experiments31198
Memetics - A Modern Day Explanation of Tulpas?1801
"Irrefutable and Undeniable Evidence" 92871
The Stone Tape Theory (1972) - Origins of 'Residual Hauntings'21187
Random Street Murmurs Referencing My Life226421
Evidence of Viking Exploration of America before Columbus93859
The Most Bizzare Youtube Clips Ever1712918
Do you enjoy Kool-Aid?266809
Thrive Documentary - 11 / 11 / 11 - Watch this now!63390
White House: We Have Never Communicated with Aliens, Honest -- Paranormalnews.com's Response133948
Bigfoot alive and well and living in North Carolina226055
Beached Whale Mystery in England51596
The Anguished Man - Haunted Painting62560
I dreamed of a place called Alland -- Avalon?92833
New Montauk Monster Photos51873
Paranormal News Bitcoin Address - Please Donate :)82145
Looking for multimedia/ graphic artists for top secret project1623
Samuel Morse Sought Proof of U.S. Jesuit Conspiracy82792
Why are TV personalities all speaking gibberish now?226591
April 15th, 2011 - Alien Sighting72056
Dead Alien Found in Russia246124
Man Bursts into Flames at San Francisco Porn Shop103053
Kurt Godel -- Conspiracy Theorist113451
Virgin Mary(?) Seen in the Sun in South Africa - April 20th, 201193124
Russia orders missile alert after mysterious vortex slams into Germany51560
Nuclear Fallout - what to expect112779
Dr. Zahi Hawass, Fake Chamber Scandal83280
Fracking Gas Well Blowout in Pennsylvania - April 20, 20111655
The memo that proves aliens landed at Roswell released online by the FBI 196038
Practical Paranormal Engineering62129
Japan Volcano UFO clips92129
Animal Deaths in the News2909
Do you believe?164025
Weird Blue Lights Above Christchurch March 31st, 201172019
Are there EMF devices with GPS and logs?41268
Oil Spill Reported Near Deepwater Drilling Site in Gulf51433
Fourth Video of UFO over Jerusalem176236
Weird Noises in Florida123572
A message to the TEPCO guy in Japan2897
Time Traveller in Charlie Chaplin Movie?345927
UFO Invasion over Atlanta 03/11/201151845
Documentary: My Mum Talks to Aliens1639
Casting Students and Alumni who have had haunted campus experiences2899
Djinn captured on film in sydney? What is it?31205
Dreamscape: The Vintage Computer Store41494
Godlikeproductions down for good?31114
Ghost Busters: Sanctum of Slime 2672
Post Your Dreams546236
Ghost pic?196468
The disclosure thread...164355
Unexplained crack formed in the ground Michigan113087
Tila Tequilla blogging about the New World Order41479
UFO Contact - Former Canadian Defence Minister 2806
SnapScouts! Turn in your friends and neighbors and earn badges102830
The R.I.P Files Webisodes 31088
NPC Press Conference UFOs and Nukes 82415
Protecting the Ozone71815
Hollow Moon Theory62355
Creepy Disney Alien Documentary113460
The Life Review Room4853
2005 Hurricane Wilma HAARP evidence?1721
Personal Variations91918
Louisiana communities now vomiting blood?41103
What the hell is this?82462
Stuxnet virus : Doomsday 51636
Stay in your homes31170
The Shadow People248717
Paranormal Activity 2 2854
UFO sighting in Hunter Valley, Australia 1629
Kurt Godel -- Conspiracy Theorist51709
The Lizard People51739
Two UFOs filmed over water41310
Comet collision next month?1624
Will the God Particle Replace God?175133
Have any strange animal sightings in your area?82725
Is Corexit killing all those fish?91575
Past Life Experiences185308
Conspiracy/Paranormal Experiments?2875
Alien Footage 2010193579
Headless Chickens found at North Pole, Alaska Coop133906
Fast Moving UFO Squadron over Italy92612
BP Slick Covers Dolphins and Whales31128
World War 3?456790
In 1903, Cabalist Banker Prophesied Gulf Apocalypse2941
Time lapses, anyone?92538
UFO Fleet, Oakland, CA - May 28th2837
Not again! Post your sleep paralysis experiences here113196
Has any good secret society infiltrated the bad secret societies?124197
Joe Stack and John Bedell -- Killed Because They Found Evidence of a Satellite Receiving Signals 27 Hours in the Future?215533
Grisly mystery after scores of starlings fall out of the sky and lie dying... in a SINGLE front garden195596
Apollo 11 work and no play makes Stanley a dull boy61830
Is the Holy Bible the inspired word of God, or a plaigarized document full of logical flaws?645977
Russia Gets Hit With Purple Snow!72197
Iceland Volcano eruption -- the beginning of the end?154039
The Blond Haired People from the sea...1639
Ghost Hunters123159
All Hollywood2849
Night Terrors143630
Human Origins102284
Joining the Shared Consciousness133436
I saw faces and images forming out of light rainbows while I was half awake/asleep. Happened to you?205958
Going towards the light3989
Are there any prophecies about white shamans?2968
The 4th Dimension41352
What’s the difference between the "Watchers" and the "Nephilim"?165893
The Thunderbird113185
Are you a Doomer conspiracy theorist? Ever heard of Tavistock? be careful out there...1805
Aleister Crowley’s 1918 Grey Alien Drawing145407
The End of Times Signs - The Norway Spiral and...this?61774
Nibiru = Nemesis?3942
Anyone have any alien experiences? In dreams or otherwise?154039
David Icke31156
Doom! Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe 82398
Wow....Jan 28th UFO Over China1633
Practice your remote viewing here!2878
Australian town hit by raining fish51566
Bulgarian UFO71781
Looking forward to the collapse of civilization?61658
Chilean Quake Likely Shifted Earth’s Axis, NASA Scientist Says1663
Ghost Hunters International51519
Aquarius (20 January - 18 February)2983
Lucid Dreaming1661
Annoying a Spirit102641
Why won’t NASA go back?41320
The Face on Mars1726
Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December)1692
Most Haunted51571
Destination Truth2921
Twin Peaks2783
UFO Hunters3959
Paranormal State71886
Alien Technology Center1596
The Jading Process71982
Behnke’s Poetry173506
Sleep Paralysis 153799
Armageddon Coming Soon?318347
Monster Quest1636
Post your paranormal support issues here.51019
New Technology2626
Bush & Rockefeller’s New World Order1672
Clearing a House1604
Cancer (23 June - 22 July)1591