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Mystery of the ‘Rottnest Monster’: Was a Giant Serpent-shaped UFO detected off Western Australia?

Posted: 7/3/2014 6:33:58 AM   Reads: 575   Submitted By:mysteriousways   Category: UFOs   Source: consciousreporter.com
A huge flying S-shape was seen on radar approaching Western Australia’s Rottnest Island the same day a local fisherman photographed a strange serpentine UFO. The military claimed naval exercises caused the radar phenomenon, but were they really behind a massive flying snake-shape big enough to span the English Channel? Or was there a cover-up? This massive UFO incident from February 2014 has both radar and photographic evidence, all provided in this report. It explains how it's pretty unlikely the military could have done it -- more likely a cover-up. The giant serpent-like UFO was dubbed the RottNess Monster after the island it appeared at.
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