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People from all over the world have reported encounters with mysterious beings that appear bringing important messages or lending much-needed assistance, then vanishing without a trace. Could they be angels? Guardian angels? Read video these 10 images in video and decide for yourself, video here:

Posted: 10/27/2014 6:58:51 PM   Reads: 252   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Alternative Spirituality

Michelle McKay was interviewed on Ottawa radio station about ghosts and hauntings in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-LA2vtPekI

Posted: 10/24/2014 11:44:35 PM   Reads: 215   Submitted By: crowsher20141   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Paranormal Media

This list of weird creatures includes the unknown, unexplained, unidentified – and just plain terrifying. The pictures of weird creatures found all over the planet (and the Internet) will make you squint and ask, “What the hell is that?” Photos of them get circulated everywhere, from random no-name blogs to national and international news networks, giving everyone a chance to make their own quasi-educated (thanks to TV and movies) predictions regarding what scientists and Internet skeptics will find out. Images video here:

Posted: 10/23/2014 8:11:14 PM   Reads: 285   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Ghosts

Winter is a wonderful time for a good ghost story. In the long hours of dark and the twinkling lights of the holiday season, it is all too easy to imagine more shadows than there ought to be. The most spine tingling stories, though, are the ones sworn to be true. The following list is of these sorts of ghosts: Specific apparitions, witnessed by several people at different times in the same place. The more witnesses, the more respected the witnesses, the better. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these photos capture the imagination.

Posted: 10/22/2014 10:22:27 PM   Reads: 302   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Ghosts

Experiences and videos with a poltergeist — or “noisy spirit” — can range from annoying to terrifying. Poltergeists can be playful, mischievous or downright malevolent. No one knows for certain what causes poltergeist phenomena, but most researchers suspect it is a psychic phenomenon, centered around a person, rather than a true ghost or spirit. Here are some true 10 cases, security cam filmeds:

Posted: 10/22/2014 5:22:44 PM   Reads: 283   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Ghosts

This list of weird creatures includes the unknown, unexplained, unidentified – and just plain terrifying. The pictures of weird creatures found all over the planet (and the Internet) will make you squint and ask, “What the hell is that?” Videos of them get circulated everywhere, from random no-name blogs to national and international news networks, giving everyone a chance to make their own quasi-educated (thanks to TV and movies) predictions regarding what scientists and Internet skeptics will find out. The video below made ​​a compilation of 10 odd creatures, video below:

Posted: 9/1/2014 2:40:37 AM   Reads: 499   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Sacred Science

UFO have been sighted by boys group in forest in Argentina. Home video of a boys watching and a UFO take off in the trees, very scary. It’s new, but the question is, is it really real? The local news has even got involved and it seems they have become the believers themselves in these UFO flying over Argentina. The video shows an unidentified object what appears to be a light plane – then landing on top of it – taking off and both the unidentified object and the plane move quickly up into the air and out of frame. Video here:

Posted: 7/18/2014 4:40:04 PM   Reads: 384   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: UFOs

India’s city became paralyzed with fear when an unidentified, unusually tall strange creature was reportedly terrorizing the population, sending a pregnant women tumbling down a staircase and forcing two panicked men, in separate instances, to jump off a balcony. Dozens of citizens followed with reports of sneaky scratches and bites. Rumors swirled about who this creature was. For weeks, mobs guarded neighborhoods at night, and the city police even drew up a sketch of the creature. As sightings and attacks dwindled, the creature disappeared into legend, later to return caught on tape. What is It? Creature video here:

Posted: 6/27/2014 6:36:23 PM   Reads: 1935   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Horror

What does a lady in a blue dress who is seen leaving a portrait, a ghostly priest praying for the souls of dead babies buried in a basement and a saloon have in common? They are all apart of the colored and dark history of The Palace Hotel in Port Townsend, WA.

Posted: 6/26/2014 2:53:38 PM   Reads: 378   Submitted By: macabremondays   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Ghosts

A person were grilling near their cottage in a wooded area. One of the men was lying on a blanket on the grass about 5 meters from the others. The person was filming with the camera in her mobile phone. While reviewing the video, something bizarre caught her eye. Next to the tree on the grass something seemed to suddenly materialize; a humanoid figure about 70-80cm in height which run to bend down and touch the tree with a sort of hand. No one knows what happened later since the frame moved toward the right and away from the scene. After a while a person that had been with them and had acted normally went to the location where the many was lying and acted nervously. Several days later three red spots appeared on the man’s knee, placed in the shape of a triangle. Humanoid video here:

Posted: 6/9/2014 11:53:59 PM   Reads: 685   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: General

The video takes place on a motorway in Brazil, camera captured a most unusual looking creature across the motorway in front of oncoming traffic. Obviously the creature is smart enough to dodge the traffic, waiting for a break in traffic it is another case of an unnatural looking creature caught on tape. The clip itself is very short and with the speed and stride of the creature giving it a very unnatural appearance. We recommend watching the video in full screen mode and pause it when the creature is running through the light. Creature video here:

Posted: 6/2/2014 2:06:39 PM   Reads: 386   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Horror

A strange creature has been found in Colombia, two young men are said to have stoned it to death after spotting it at the entrance to a cave. Debate still continues as to whether the creature is a misidentified animal or something else. The find of this creature sparked controversy among the people, for what some say might be a creature from another planet, others simply believe that it si just an animal. Video here:

Posted: 5/13/2014 11:59:07 PM   Reads: 659   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Horror

A boys in Brazil has caught a mysterious apparition flying around his yard on his camera. On both videos the bright orb changes colors and beams a light onto the ground and his trees. Details about the incident remain sketchy, but someone reported seeing the mysterious apparition hovering over in Brazil. The white doughnut-shaped object stayed in the sky for nearly an minutes before fading away. Video here:

Posted: 5/7/2014 8:46:01 PM   Reads: 515   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: UFOs

The footage of creature was taken on security camera in hospital. Duration: 26 seconds. Gnome, alien…cat on two legs? I don’t know what it is that was captured on that security tape, but it looks weird. Of course, the video provided is good quality, but if you squint your eyes tight enough, you can appreciate what many refer to as the “gnome”. What is It? You decide. Video here:

Posted: 4/23/2014 3:52:51 PM   Reads: 759   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Mysterious Phenomena

An artificial light source was seen this week in this NASA photo which shows light shining upward from…the ground. This could indicate there there is intelligent life below the ground and uses light as we do. This is not a glare from the sun, nor is it an artifact of the photo process. Look closely at the bottom of the light. It has a very flat surface giving us 100% indiction it is from the surface. Sure NASA could go and investigate it, but hey, they are not on Mars to discovery life, but there to stall its discovery. Video here:

Posted: 4/9/2014 10:22:52 PM   Reads: 472   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: UFOs

Paranormal Playground travels to Fountain Hills, Arizona to explore the haunted legend of Golden Eagle Park and Ashbrook Wash. Jessica's team investigates the women's restroom and learns that ghosts can't count.

Posted: 3/23/2014 4:05:06 PM   Reads: 485   Submitted By: Paranormal Playground   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Ghosts

A video posted in Youtube this month shows indians boys at Brazil. They were enjoying themselves in a stream [a igarapé]. A other boy, who was recording the scene saw something pass behind his mates, between the trees. This something appears twice on the images. At first, only the filmaker saw the thing moving in the bush; a second time, an another guy perceived the moving too. Scared, he gone out running and screaming. What was that? A shadow, an animal, a being enchanted forest? Nobody will ever know. Video here:

Posted: 3/19/2014 1:38:15 AM   Reads: 628   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Mysterious Phenomena

New Episode of Chill Seekers Ghost Hunt! This is a special episode where we document the events that happened after investigating home in Modesto,CA. A negative energy attached itself to members of the team, causing problems in their life and almost ending Chill Seekers all together.One of our members had to stop ghost hunting altogether because of this experience. Please watch and Share! Thanks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9YOSAS4374 find us here www.facebook.com/chillseekers

Posted: 2/4/2014 5:18:24 PM   Reads: 531   Submitted By: CHILLSEEKERS   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Ghosts

Larry Flaxman joins Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where he discusses the multilayered grid that the universe is built on. Topics include multiverses, ghosts, spirits, psychic abilities and more.

Posted: 1/10/2014 2:19:59 PM   Reads: 467   Submitted By: soulhealer   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Mysterious Phenomena

Myth recounts the chronicles of the Gods. Their tales were passed from generation to generation, through oral traditions, until they were finally carved into stone or written on cloth, skins, bark, paper or papyrus. Some scholars contend the myths we have today (even in their most archaic form) are creations of a vivid imagination and the stories are simply flights of fantasy. Other researchers conclude that the Gods were living breathing individuals in our remote past. Is it possible the stories we have of the Gods are true?

Posted: 12/27/2013 11:31:24 AM   Reads: 786   Submitted By: soulhealer   Source: www.youtube.com Category: Ancient Mysteries