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By Amy Major
Monday, May 18, 2015
In recent times, there’s been increasing interest in the field of Spirit Rescue. Spirit Rescue has been a form of mediumship that has been pushed aside, hidden, or even looked down upon at times. This happens for many reasons, but the most common reasons would be due to fear and misconceptions. Working with ghosts or earthbound energies has always been seen as something that was negative. I’ve been told many times as a Rescue Medium to stay away from rescue work, as this will bring me nothing but negative energy and bad situations that will hurt me in the end. I can now tell you, that as a Rescue Medium for the past 12 years, that this is simply not the case. Though you do have to work with heavier or more dense energy, it does not mean that this energy is always negative.
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By Bill Hall
Monday, August 25, 2014
Laura Goodin was distraught. She was exhausted and concerned, fearing she was nearing the end of her rope. She was exhausted and concerned, fearing she was nearing the end of her rope. "Why us? Why us?" she repeated in her characteristic loud and less than pleasant voice. It had been her question for many days now but something about it was different that time. Her tone seemed more reflective than before. She lowered her head into her hands and sobbed.
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By Joshua Warren
Monday, August 25, 2014
I have spent over twenty years traveling the world, documenting evidence of the paranormal and downright weird. From Mayan ruins, to the castles of Vlad the Impaler in Transylvania, to my Bermuda Triangle Research Base in Puerto Rico, I’ve pulled all the stops, measuring everything before my restless eyes—EMF, electrostatics, IR and UV, alpha, beta, gamma, temperature, optics—you name it. And yet, why do we still understand so little about these things called “paranormal,” “mystical,” or “Fortean”? Whether investigating ghosts, UFOs, ESP, cryptids, or common spirituality and consciousness, why does it sometimes seem we are spinning our wheels? Maybe it’s because we’ve gotten just a little too far from the most important thing . . .
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Community Articles

By John Moore
Saturday, December 13, 2014
Lately it seems everyone I speak to about a new case believes they have some negative entity or demon haunting them. Most forget that about 80% of paranormal claims have a perfectly logical and natural cause. Of the remaining 20% of claims that are paranormal less than 1% are truly in human or demonic in nature. This article is for after those cases that truly are paranormal in nature and have no natural explanation. The most common cause I have run across for this idea that there is a demon in the house is simply a misinterpretation of a spirits attempts to communicate. There are some key factors to look for during a paranormal investigation that indicate a negative or demonic entity which we will discuss later...
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By Dennis Balthaser
Tuesday, July 1, 2014
I had a personal experience with this a few years ago when I was master of ceremonies at a conference, and was asked to introduce some of the best-known serious researchers in the field of Ufology. I was also asked to introduce the other types mentioned above, and a “tin foil hat contest.” Since then I have refused to attend or be part of such conferences. Personally I have nothing against them, but feel UFO research is of such importance that it should not be combined with many that refer to themselves as paranormal.
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By Corker Johnston
Thursday, April 3, 2014
THE OLD FARMHOUSE WAS quickly engulfed in furious flames and responders were doing all they could to guard their eyes from the bright glare that illuminated in the blackness of the 3 a.m. sky, and scalding heat, but there was little to nothing that anyone could have done to stop the fire from destroying the simple structure. However, firefighters were successful in preventing the flames from extending to the various outbuildings and, even more importantly, the surrounding neighborhood. Reports were coming in by people from across the entire county of the blaze in the sky.
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By Michael Reneger, Amy Spease
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Salem Academy And College is a highly respected school for women in the heart of Winston-Salem. It was founded by the Moravian Church in 1772. By the mid 1800’s, it had become a renown boarding school, famous for its quality education and wonderful environment. By 1866, Salem Female Academy was the place to send young women for “finishing school.”
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By Michael Reneger, Amy Spease
Saturday, March 29, 2014
Waughtown is one many historic areas in Winston-Salem. The community is rich in history, steeped in the past of industrial growth in the late 1890’s and the early Twentieth Century. One of the largest and most successful of the businesses that arose in the area was the J.I. Nissen Wagon Works. Established in 1834, by 1870, the complex had spread to cover a 600 acre tract...
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Top Ghosts Newslinks

In this episode Phil guides the explorers to Hotel Utica in the city’s downtown. Towering over downtown Utica, the hotel serves as the city’s crown jewel, having hosted Presidents and Hollywood stars but the hotel lost some of its grandeur as it sat vacant at the end of the 20th Century. Now restored, the Hotel Utica is once again housing travelers but there are floors that remain off-limits to the public and rumors persist that departed guests still roam the halls.

Thursday, May 28, 2015   Reads: 178   Submitted By: RavenRequiem13   Source: lite987.com

Read about the new OUija craze erupting all over social media dubbed the Charlie Charlie Challenge

Wednesday, May 27, 2015   Reads: 221   Submitted By: Roy SMFP   Source: www.examiner.com

Are there ethics to spirit communication?

Monday, May 25, 2015   Reads: 221   Submitted By: Roy SMFP   Source: www.examiner.com

review for the new Poltergeist movie in theater May 22

Friday, May 22, 2015   Reads: 278   Submitted By: Roy SMFP   Source: www.examiner.com

In this episode Phil guides the explorers to Herkimer’s Historic Four Corners in downtown Herkimer. The Historic Four Corners are a series of buildings built during the 1800′s after a tragic fire and tied together by a murderous history that can still be felt today.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015   Reads: 340   Submitted By: RavenRequiem13   Source: lite987.com

An amateur photographer captured something strange outside of an abandoned mall in northeastern Ohio recently. An angelic figure appears to be floating toward one of the entrances of the building.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015   Reads: 475   Submitted By: Paranormal Playground   Source: www.examiner.com

A famous haunted mansion in California is now allowing visitors and paranormal investigators to stay during the evening. The San Jose planning department recently approved a special permit to allow guests to stay overnight at the Winchester Mystery House.

Monday, May 18, 2015   Reads: 342   Submitted By: Paranormal Playground   Source: www.examiner.com

A place that was once home for dying tubercular patients and now a popular tourist attraction for paranormal investigators is on its way to becoming more than a haunted hospital. The owners of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium got approved for a zoning plan to convert the former tuberculosis hospital into a hotel but it will be a slow process.

Monday, May 18, 2015   Reads: 285   Submitted By: Paranormal Playground   Source: www.examiner.com

The Sinatra suite claims it last victim, in this famous haunting

Friday, May 15, 2015   Reads: 464   Submitted By: Roy SMFP   Source: www.examiner.com

I believe I'm writing to you about a ghost, though I'm not sure if the animal kingdom has an afterlife

Wednesday, May 13, 2015   Reads: 348   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: www.phantomsandmonsters.com

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