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Written By: John Scott
Posted: 6/3/2010
There were a lot of other people involved in cracking the mathematical codes for this crop circle so I play a small part in trying to decipher them also. Here is my latest edition to the Windmill CC in the UK. here: check out all the tabs for full info.
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Written By: richplanet.net
Posted: 12/19/2009
One of the best crop circle documentaries I’ve seen in the past five years. Exposing MI-5 and Air Force involvement/funding in CircleMakers.org. And why would MI-5 / Air Force be involved in confusing people’s perception of a genuine phenomenon? Um, Vatican, anyone? Always playing games...always. You think they just sit around, waving incense?
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Written By: Dee Gragg
Posted: 1/7/2008
It contains my five crop circle technical papers (click Research Papers) and my two short books (click Books).
The two books are "A Simple Explanation of UFOs" and "A Simple Explanation of Crop Circles". These are the books which I wrote to use in teaching these subjects at New Mexico State University.
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Written By: Poppy Paulos
Posted: 1/11/2005
Without witnesses to dispel the myth that ETs and UFOs had been responsible for the art work, I was left to ponder possible scenarios. Could there be unknown energy devices and government Black Ops involved? Or were hoaxers responsible, laying their claim each year to some of the thousands of complicated mathematical patterns around the globe?
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Written By: David Kingston
Posted: 1/11/2005

Let us attempt to differentiate between the two aspects and the feelings that people experience when they enter the two types. I know a large majority of the farmers, landowners are not pleased and do not differentiate between the two as they both draw people onto their land.
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Written By: Nicole Fitzgerald
Posted: 12/16/2003
“For me, this is most significant event that is happening on the planet,” he said. “We are being communicated to by a higher intelligence and we are basically ignoring it.”
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Written By: William Gazecki and Paranormal News
Posted: 4/26/2003
My interest was not avid. Over time I monitored the situation, waiting for something to be revealed that would affirm it was all a sham, or that it was authentic. I have never witnessed any proof that it is a sham. Far from it. Very far from it. There is no doubt that this is an authentic phenomenon.
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Written By: William Gazecki and David Jacobs
Posted: 4/23/2003
There has been intense debate over the origins of Crop Circles. Some believe they are communications from Extra-Terrestrials, pointing to the many sightings and videos of aerial phenomena seen in connection with formations. Others feel the appearance of lights associated with Crop Circles may be generated by unknown natural energies which produce complex ground patterns...
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Written By: Diario El Norte
Posted: 9/4/2002
The discovery of a strange circle in a garden in the city of Zhitikara, northern Kazakhstan, put the police on alert. Experts are studying the trail of an alleged UFO.
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Written By: CCCRN NEWS
Posted: 3/3/2002
While doing a talk this past weekend, a sharp-eyed observer pointed out a 
previously unnoticed peculiarity in one of the aerial photos from Midale, 
Saskatchewan last summer.
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Written By: Lucy Pringle
Posted: 12/26/2001
Can we think of anything positive behind this terrible human and animal suffering, repercussions of which are still felt today some nine months on?
How did it affect the crop circle phenomenon?
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Written By: Lucy Pringle
Posted: 11/13/2001
The village of Chilbolton in Hampshire lies in the Test Valley situated between the A3057 Stockbridge - Andover road and the B3420 road from Winchester to Andover. It is about 15 miles north of Winchester and 5 miles south of Andover.
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Written By: Paranormal News Staff
Posted: 8/4/2001
The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network is requesting the continued assistance of farmers, pilots, media, police/RCMP and the general public in its investigative efforts regarding ‘crop circles‘, those circular or geometric patterns of flattened field crops which continue to be reported worldwide every year, and apart from some known hoaxes and man-made ‘land art‘, still remain largely unexplained.
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Written By: starrydynamocafe@yahoo.com
Posted: 5/29/2001
Join CCCRN for brunch and the first study group of 2001, a chance for informal, in-depth discussion of the latest crop circle related news and reports.
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Written By: David Kingston
Posted: 6/29/1999
I have been researching the Crop Circle phenomena since I saw my first one in 1976. I had been on a "night watch" for UFO's on Cley Hill in Warminster. Three separate orbs of approximately six feet in diameter of coloured light had been weaving around and above us for some three hours on the top of Cley Hill, merging at times into a single globe and then separating again above us, suddenly one of the orbs descended to some thirty feet above us and then flew down into a field at the base of Cley Hill.
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Top Crop Circles Newslinks

Patty Greer lay down in a crop circle nine years ago and arose a changed woman. What began as a mystical experience progressed into a scientific investigation of electromagnetic fields and other measurable properties of crop circles. Greer described her impassioned and purposeful investigation as “blending science and metaphysics to explain the crop circle reality.”

Posted: 11/17/2014 4:24:39 PM   Reads: 523   Submitted By: dsuchin   Source: www.theepochtimes.com

A visitor to the farm, a man wearing a house painter's outfit and a hanging moustache, turned up nine days later bringing along his metal detector. He searched all nine parts of the pictogram dropping a handkerchief in three spots as mark...all of them had a spherical symbol, less than a semi-circle attached to it. Then he went to his car to pick up a digging tool and a bucket unearthing a bronze, silver and gold plates at the three areas he marked.

Posted: 12/24/2013 11:36:04 PM   Reads: 939   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: www.phantomsandmonsters.com

A rather strange phenomena has started appearing here in New York. While many people have heard of ‘Crop Circles’ and by extension their association with Aliens and UFOs, there are new curious phenomena that have started appearing.

Posted: 4/5/2013 1:45:56 PM   Reads: 954   Submitted By: RavenRequiem13   Source: lite987.com

Crop circles recently appeared in a wheat field near the village of Znamensky outside of Krasnodar, Russia. These circles have captured the imaginations of motorists, bedazzled by visions of a spacefaring race that has zero respect for a staple crop

Posted: 5/30/2011 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 904   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

Residents of Rejosari stood watch over the paddy where the crop circle was discovered throughout the night guarding their ripening rice crops from hordes of visitors who swarmed over the field after reports of circle were made public.

Posted: 1/25/2011 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 623   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

All of them had a spherical symbol, less than a semi-circle attached to it. Then he went to his car to pick up a digging tool and a bucket unearthing a bronze, silver and gold plates at the three areas he marked

Posted: 10/22/2010 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 531   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

A magnificent 300 foot long ’crop circle’ that seems to depict the Holy Grail has appeared in mysterious circumstances in a field close to the Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire.

Posted: 8/22/2010 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 671   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

The two almost identical circles, both 250ft in diameter, seem to portray Jesus Christ in an image resembling the world famous Shroud of Turin

Posted: 8/5/2010 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 574   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

An extraordinary crop circle based on the ’world’s most beautiful maths theorem’ has appeared in a field next to a windmill in Wiltshire. The complex disc, which measures 300ft across, appeared to the east of Wilton Windmill near Marlborough in a blazing yellow rape seed field.

Posted: 5/25/2010 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 546   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

This beam of unexplained light was captured on the night of the 2/3rd of May 2010, using night vision goggles. Location East Field - Wiltshire

Posted: 5/6/2010 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 490   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

WILTON – Crop circles are those large, intricate designs of circles and lines that appear overnight occasionally in English grain fields. They are the objects of much interest and investigation, but with no real answers.

Posted: 2/27/2010 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 451   Submitted By: 0x6a656666   Source: www.cabinet.com

I hope to expose these individuals to the world and end the disgraceful psy-ops programme which MI5 have been pedaling for decades.

Posted: 12/19/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 492   Submitted By: 0x6a656666   Source: newsblaze.com

This is obviously a time of some upheaval in the world so perhaps this is a sign that we should be looking backwards for some wisdom in how to deal with today’s problems

Posted: 8/20/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 538   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

Recent crop circle reported at Tidcombe, near Burbage, Wiltshire, UK. Magnificent detail...very strange design

Posted: 8/18/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 491   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

Newest reported crop circle at Windmill Hill, Near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire. Reported 6th August, 2009. Planetary system with orbits from another galaxy?

Posted: 8/6/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 418   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

Intricate woven patterns around the center shape. These are often woven in different angles, several layers beyond the surface according to Linda Moulton Howe who described it recently on Coast to Coast AM

Posted: 8/3/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 449   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

He looked to his right and witnessed three exceptionally tall beings inspecting the new crop circle which appeared there on the 5th July. He stopped his vehicle and watched them for several minutes because they stood out as odd.

Posted: 7/9/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 485   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

The latest discovery was photographed by crop circle hunters in Alton Barnes as the spate of crop circles seen across Britain this summer continues

Posted: 7/6/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 413   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

A design which was discovered some days ago now near Milk Hill in Wiltshire, England, had received a visit and new elements added. Now a third visit has taken place and the evolving design is quite shocking.

Posted: 7/3/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 450   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

This is one of the more interesting designs because of the of wavy features depicting solar flares...supposedly, since it closely mimics a few ancient pictograms. Though, there very well may be a different meaning to the design

Posted: 7/3/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 434   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

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