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"photon" dissimilation

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urfrnd81   posted:8/13/2014 12:54:29 PM  (Reply)
*Time subcycle comglomerates*
First a thing or two about myself. With the Lord in mind I'll try to shed some light in the darkness. First I'm writing in response to government interference in my personal life (although unrealized at the moment-"time" a funny thing). I'll start with the odd thing about "time" travel. I use quotations because in my own experience time can be anything but straight. Linear yes, straight no. First off in later articles be them threads from myself or news conferences we will come to the bottom of this oddity. Okay to explain time we must realize it is "fluid" movement. Always changing: growing, shrinking and bending-outside progression yet inside control. Time as we know it comes from a source. This source is at the bottom of a vortex to spherical tunnel (aka quantum tunnel-a tunnel of an immense conglomerate cycle/and subcycles). If you imagine for a moment that "time" is an arrow you'd notice it has a point and a beginning. The beginning being its point of origin and the point its path. Notice fluidity being the transfer of energy used to create the arrow the distance it traveled and the trajectory of its life. A duality is created everytime it moves from stationary and these dualities "stack" up over time then subfracture (linear existence of timal fracture moved) when it comes to rest (stationary stall). Coming back to it's point of origin would constitute a conglomerate cycle and the reconstituted subfractures integration as parallel conglomerates cycling the expanding universal conglomerates. Knowing I'm on a path (me being the arrow) I realize I'm unconditionally forced to be aware of my opposite cycle. This opposite has it's own cycle of choices and "stacks" opposite myself. This perpetual movement center's my own virtual existence as being a Third/duality. The virtual center of two cycling possibilities opposite one another yet still fueling their own existences of subfractured time for my forward linear intake until rest (lapse). This in conjunction with physical properties (ie: arrow, wind, moisture and any other variable in this example). Myself knowing I'm between them (cycles) makes myself a "prime" observer (defined moving conglomerate of cycle purity) or a definitive prime (defined intake/choice). Being a prime observer virtually stacks my own existing cycles and fuels my center's conglomerate expansion/cycle point (allowing me to move my arrow anywhere clarity can be defined as well as choose/choices). In some instances possibilities are limited as in placing arrow inside a mountain or some other insidious/ludicrous relationship. To further clarify the decay field for blips or bulges in times fluidity would constitute a subcycle of stability. (Some of you are undoubtedly seeing a duality with how universal functions are at this point and would be correct although more than one virtual prime observer are required for a conglomerated expanding/expanded time line along with sub conglomerate constitutions "meshing" together). The two opposites (subcycles and sub conglomerates) might be stacking my own existence of both choices I make. One defined in prime correctness and subjective loss from sub conglomerate constitutions (Subconscious/unconscious [past conscious/fracture] thought's and choices and their counter thought's conscious/unconscious [future fracture] choices). These openings (constituting conscious choice) or point origins (destiny or path of arrow in this case) are undefined yet opposite their own definement until chosen to (unconscious choice undefined/defining) clarify a duality. In funnel proportions unconscious choice defines a path where in destiny places it's role- side note: physical proponents aside definition of closure is provided via outcome of choice cycling "meshing" to return via uptake in universals in prime forces*correct choices*(Universal blackholes: always seeming to eat yet staying perpetual by eating what they give back via tunneling/bending). Back to the arrow: a symbiotic relationship one theoritical (full of possibilities) one defined forward (already clarified/reclarifing) one undefined until lapse. This is universal existence (always changing yet staying defined in prime observers existing clarifications and only constrained by defining absolutes of subcycle conglomerates ) and only a prime observer can realize it. This as told holds truth yet for those still "asleep" I'll put it correctly-we are in time held in place by wrong choices used to define truth and bending our original truth to perfection undeveloped until correct. Note: wake up people I'm feeling alone. Doubtlessly your realizing the possibilities and seeing the conscious perfection at the center. I'm gonna go eat some food and prove myself "real" so if you want to hear the rest and other amazing revelations email me or stay tuned. Side note-for all you unbelievers out there I'll give you a clue: it comes with four sides yet doesn't constitute a square. Inside it develops depth and yet outside remains unchanged-prove yourselves real people......
0x6a656666   posted:8/13/2014 6:07:22 PM  (Reply)
Meth much? You never got in to government interference, btw. Does your "knowledge" make you a primary target?
urfrnd81   posted:8/13/2014 6:32:57 PM  (Reply)
With love for light righteousness and all that is Good in the world
0x6a656666   posted:8/13/2014 8:44:24 PM  (Reply)
So? Be a dead man. The truth will prevail. God will reward you. I have heard of binary stars and doppelgangers. Don't worry about men being on their way to you. Been there. Done that. It's all mental bullshit. Your mind is playing tricks on you.
urfrnd81   posted:8/14/2014 10:09:59 AM  (Reply)
Thank you. I appreciate the friendship. Fearless:lessfear
bobprin   posted:8/14/2014 9:26:04 PM  (Reply)
Well that was blatantly confusing.
0x6a656666   posted:8/14/2014 9:45:48 PM  (Reply)
0x6a656666   posted:8/14/2014 9:49:44 PM  (Reply)
So many people think the government is after them for their version of the truth *sighs

Nothing is true. Didn't Buddha say something like that? We're all just making shit up in our heads without knowing it.
urfrnd81   posted:8/18/2014 3:31:22 PM  (Reply)
Okay next title: *Conscious choices*
Now that we have explained how universal existence and dimensional timal existence both collide in a tunnel we can move to the "force behind the point". Think of light as a circle. Notice how you picture it 2dimensionally. When turned sideways it becomes a line. This line is capable of being 2dimensional and 3dimensional as well as 1dimensional or linear. This reduction of linear is a sphere (linear with bent qualities eventually spherical due to conal constraints [side note: conal restraints expand to spherical dimensions due to ever deeping than rediverting center(s) depth). Notice that it's linear as well. PiE (spherical proportions of energy) functions in this way by reducing its nonlinear by expanding it's dimension. Makes little sense unless you notice a barrage that seems to exceed stopping. With every diffusion of its stopping point it creates a bend. This bend makes a spherical quality out of prime integers eventually recycling them. In order of chaos explanation defines dimension or your unable to define clarity in 2 dimensions unless they appear in linear order. This order never receding just recycling its fifth integer past the decimal into its fourth ejection of (prime). While it makes little sense to anyone but a mathematician, it literally explodes in a barrage of possibilities. Think now how a linear progression can expell its prime definition by taking on spherical or (bent) linear parallels. This is how a photon works. Its literally fueling its spherical yet pushing its linear by never staying in the same place. Its called progressive digression. A literal giving of its forward to remain 2dimensional linear. In a way gravity functions as a diffusion of its linear back into a spherical yet expelling its 2nd dimensional. This is a return to neutral for the original photon being held in place by its duality (although gravity has a duality also an earthly tone). This is the upper and also the lower universe always giving and taking from the center (a centers edge to two dualities one inside the other). Centers edge is the linear point seen as inside yet outside its self. Almost like a tesseract only in expulsion of its size as 3dimensional growth into cylindrical forward or a beam of light *[sidenote: said beam of light is trajection/dimension]*. Once noticed from a distance this edge becomes distinct as a diffusion yet is really an illusion as its size becomes undefined. This duality becomes its literal outside revolution. A window inside its 1 dimensional qualities as expulsional length instead of linear singularity. A tesseract's dimensional qualities (like depth) on the other hand reduces its 3rd dimensional and its linear by being stalled due to its lack of bending linear parallels (dimensional shifting aside, known mathematics has a natural flaw-defined space-). Light like this illusion has no point outside yet inside preventing its outside from becoming its inside. This illusion of a 4th quality is its diffusional lack forming another revolving doorway (a window into linear growth). In this manner light travels back and forth literally giving and taking speed and distance. These 2 windows collide to form a conal tempermant to lights forward progression that revolves inside out allowing it's trajection to escape dimensional existence ie: existence as being observed in dimensionless space. I hypothesize that known space takes on depth in conjunction with natural physics by bending quantum tunnel depth into an electron's orbit transfussing an opening with a trajection. Time on the other hand bends a quantum tunnel's depth into motion by doubling existence into orbital fusion ie: depth transforming dimension by propelling inward orbits with outward tunnel openings (as explained further in depth later on...keep reading........I'll be back to explain more later)
urfrnd81   posted:8/18/2014 6:56:38 PM  (Reply)
*Dimensional shifts of conglomerate cycles (light)*
Okay if you know Steven Hawking's work you know a white hole is possible/definite real (a mathematical certainty). A quantum tunnel is started/finished here (here being the blackhole's ever deepening inward center [outside known universe tunneling through the over\under). Although this "here" is a lapse (time as momentum/ time as linear convergance into stall) it's also what fuels a pulse. Think of light as two wavelengths: one low and one high with the pulse being it's oscillating peaks folding outward it's dimensional existence for momentum. These wave lengths are literal triangle and square oscillations. A triangular oscillation in free standing revolutions at dimensional convergence causes bent proportions of a linear length/angle allowing a perversion of singular restraints. It seems impossible but this is called a revolving door (a window into dualities emerging). In between these are an inverted centers edge. A square in diversion of absolute clarity. If this seems hard to understand think of a rectangle that's really far away and you notice it turns into a cylindrical shape as light folds dimensional space with inverted existance. At the onset of this dimensional shift it's parallel is the original rectangle. This illusion of being observed in a definitive of momentum (stall/fluid growth) fueling the hypersect (taper) at the end of the rectangle resulting from distance of possible momentum. These tapers combine to form a tesseract expelling it's forth dimensional qualities. It seems uniformly impossible but a literal stacking of tapered edges eventually becomes it's beginning (as far as dimensional clarity is seen). The linear bend to it's original shape returning depth of orignal qualities inside conal revolutions is what I call a terrasection (expulsion of 3rd dimensional tapering into 2nd dimensional qualities that fold inverted pockets for 3dimensional continuance inverting it's own loss in peceptional emergence). Coining this term is my copyright. I'll come back to this soon. I have an original new math theory I'm calling quantum dissaray and it explains a loss field of both a tesseract, linear and combination into spherical proportions. This will prove how an oblonged center (nuetral time) has a linear result that defies natural dimensions for continuance. Time as a funnel has meaning but defies continuance. In explaining a neutral stall a counterbalance of spherical 3dimensional takes form as a hyperlink of dimensional clarity. By dimensional skipping light fills void left by construent stalls (conglomerate time/dimensional momentum) that occur with buildup of light and vacuum. By introducing PiE as the balance between universal substructures and dimensional clarity a hypertunnel of two functions emerges. One such function is tunneling through upper/over universe as a relief for tension in fluid mechanic stalls. This tunnel diverges nature as a singular but it's second function as a dimensional upshift (momentum convergence) it exists solely as emergence anywhere but a center. This open tunnel can shift clarity of spherical density by relieving tension in dimensional existence as both a rotation and charge (vacuum inverted). This tunnel I propose as being an electron-having a duality with an atom's nucleus. This allows functioning in the singular over/under (around/over) and in a universal dimension as a duality. Singular for momentum and dual for charge and clarity. If than a nuetral exists with a positive charge this field as in alternating current (AC) would build both static charge (vibration) and propelling of nuetral stalling. Suppose than a neutral stall would take vibrations of stacked positive charges and propell them forward giving rotational mass due ergonomic physics. Hydrogen on the other hand would take it's lack of propulsion into it's tunneled emergence as a spherical/helical seperation. Giving it both charge and static discharge from stalled electrons revolving neutral protons. This theory poses only one problem and that is linear of transfer of orbiting stationary/ stationarys. On case to point a hypercube inflation of it's non dimensional shifts could point to an origin of hydrogen as a secondary element to a very heavy and dimensional secular the higgs boson. If in all universal qualities the higgs boson only remains stabile in hyperspace (over/under) than I suggest these tunnels linking time and space (convergence of momentum) are this very dense element. In electron deflection momentum as a stall takes on meaning allowing positive charged protons to lose mass and regain it in negative electron (tunnel emergence) rotation of nucleis for static bulidup (charge revolving stall). Depth in harmonic balance results only in hydrogen removal from atomic structures. Although seen or hypothesized as existing it's very nature would deny it's existance in any structure but a nuetral one. This seems impossible but by helium discharge of harmonic balance hydrogen's reintegration of atomic balance returns. If helium links dismissal of harmonic balance an escape of neutral frequencies (ie: light tunneling dimensional voids) would result and duplicate the higgs boson in charge reduction as mass loss. If helium condenses in atomic particulates it's secoundary nature collapses (over/under seperation). Therefor I propose the higgs boson is heliums distant cousin because helium is constant retrieval of electron dismissal and higgs boson as harmonic revolutions. It's possible than that hydrogen is just behind helium in time and space allowing convergence for non particulate matter ie: higgs boson, plutonium, uranium and many other radioactive elements. If frequencies as atomic matter condense inward than new protonic charges would emerge but tunnel revolutions would cease. To explain further momentum as a cease of harmonic balance has merit but only in vacuumless space. If this presents the void of dimensional shift than it's lack of stalled time would fill it's inside/outside nature. Suppose for a second that time is a duality-could universal size be it's outer limits? Size as a subject would take another post so I will cover that subject in another post. If I alarm you with my direction I promise you I'm going somewhere with this. Let's go a little further and hypothesize that the big bang is expanding and yet expanded. So time is a fusion event stretched out with a wall of energy just behind and in front of the observer who is observing inside yet outside the big bang. This effectively limits choice and consciousness with aid by a component yet named ad hocum. If helium is a by product of fusion than hydrogen expands volume in depth.
urfrnd81   posted:8/18/2014 7:57:35 PM  (Reply)
Title: *Incursion of subcycle construent to stationary "time"*
In linear expulsion light literally pulses it's lag or oscillates these frequencies until linear forward movement. The other hand as you would say lags it's pulse pushing it's existence into oblivion. These aforementioned revolving doors move at endless speed through the 3 known universes ( over/under, linear and under/over). Notice there is no "ceiling" on this duality. Meaning over/under and under/over are the same based solely on perception of observation. These qualities fuel our universe's expansion and expulsion yet define it's self as a retraction. In a hyper universe such as our own dualities are common place. Together a negative and positive attract but are held apart from seperation by a pulse of a nuetral tone into linear momentum/increase of distance or singular time. Einstein theorized that matter equaled energy at the speed of light (constant progression undefined or doubled) until this energy is stalled (photon). Now as a reminder the energy expells over/under and under/over (giving and taking and vice versa) to be included in a forward momentum cycling with depth (allowing movement in time for existence). Therfore I propose Einsteins theory had 1 loophole which is a lack of forward progression. Meaning light constant is energy in fluid transfer of decaying momentum and trajectory in duality with a constant in projection of linear constants. So if energy was doubled until stalled using Pi in an algorithm with a 3rd dimensional depth [PiE (pi multiplied by energy)] it's remaining loss is proportinate to its gain. If than E=MCsquared than time as depth would constitute the remaining loss. In spherical proportions a cycle would be undefined as a stall. Think of PiE squared as it's own root in a hyper state ( literal doubling pi until stalled as a wall between increase and reduction). So in another sense it makes up the force behind spherical loss/ gain or you could say it's 3dimensional shape/shapes expansion into linear momentum. Easier explanation is likely Tesla's electromagnetic reduction of neutral grounding (moving amperage spikes that are universally grounding). In this manner a loss field of dimensionless light makes up dimensional shape and yet is oblong/oblonged (energy stalled with time) into spherical proportions. In Tesla and Einstein's theories a common denominator must be present for Energy to exist as a solid with time. This hyper duo (existing wavelengths held in confined parameters for existence) they both theorized must be to heavy for reality (moving to fast/slow for matter to coexist). Well I propose this HyperForce is the literal stacking of light's revolving doorways allowing dimensional clarity with momentum-due to depth of friction and momentum colliding with trajection. I know it seems strange to use PiE as a sphere but I use it to show how a sphere's center is dispersed as it's shapes force (expelling dimensional clarity of increasing depth for momentum/trajection). Using this as prime integer ejection in PiE's increasing depth until cubed you see the middle of the sphere as it's "wall" ( pi/PiE squared). Now suppose radius of PiE is a theoritcal reduction of it's own shape. This division is a backwards progression of PiE which happens after it's neutral progression has been oblonged anywhere but center. Under my quantum dissaray theory a loss field is both linear through oblonged center and center's expulsion of remainder barrage. In theoretical orbits planal existences are clarified by linear lines or vertices and parallel linears with non qualities such as bending linears. Now imagine as in our own duality universe (every action percieved has an equal and opposite reaction deduced), universal linear is always strong and yet perceptually weak. So every straight line can be bent opposite it's own existence yet paralleling inside itself. With known parameters in space-vacuum at cubed reduction light achieves it's semblance of balance (absolute expansion in momentum) by literally pulling it's forward depth behind itself. Due to ever gaining gravity in lights dense center it's forward trajection is balanced with it's doorway revolutions. If known mechanics suggest balance must be achieved light meets it's own by pushing it's density outside itself for forward momentum. Case to point laser interference could be reduced with magnetic fielding in conjunction with near absolute zero temperatures (although bending would result to minimize depth expansion). So for light to exist inside itself it takes on new meaning-depth of vacuum with pressure of absolute momentum. Think a laser inside a sun. The revolutions of starlight have already given up most of their momentum by the time they reach Earth. A bend of lights trajectory would indicate depth of momentum. Therefore the farthest reaches of space are bending unilaterally with light inside so a photon of light outside can remain balanced. For future reference this thread details expansion of light's properties in relation to depth of charge. For a positive charge to exist light must be observed ie: supersensitive light reactors function only when fueled by laser light. Therefore depth of reaction must equal reaction's set. If a hyper universe must expand this expansion is fielded by depth constrained by reduction of linear momentum. Quotient factors of numerical equations can set linear expansion but fluid dynamics show that for function at quantum level pi must be introduced in conjunction. [ So as I stated earlier quantum dissaray must first breakdown expansion with known confines than set depth through conal projection in a loss field. Once this depth has reached absolute expansion due to linear pi constraints it will reduce linear travel allowing oblong of neutral center to split from form trajection. If pi doubled is constraint limits than it's funnel would collapse condensing inward until radial limits. Using this theory a loss field takes on new meanings as a parallel conjunction of sorts perverting natural laws by enforcing it's limits to a barrage of non prime integers. By using decimal travel in conjunction with decagonal limits a 3dimensional clarity of shape can emerge/emerges. Although this travel of decimal is limitless I set parameters by deducing depth of conal emergence from said loss field. In other words if depth parallels expansion than funnel emergence is in regards to linear zero diverting neutral center forward for lateral expansion. In case to point Newton theorized that momentum of gravity must exceed force of attraction (literal weight/confines) in order for the apple to travel downward. Taken to the extreme it could be said the apple condenses it's momentum for balance of mass-or absolute free fall in relation to friction. So for a funnel to divert emergence it's neutral center must pull it's linear travel. If 10+X equals light speed than X has limit on decimal travel in conjunction with A=Z÷Q. A is absolute defection before expansion of depth and Z divided by Q is linear travel of decimal\radius of maximum division. So if 10X÷Q= absolute confines Z+Q would set limits of depth expansion. In propelling this differance of linear properties the funnel expands lateral it's discharge until confines than condenses it's travel of decimal while unilaterally bending the funnel inward itself. If than reintroduced funnel emergence by 1 for linear depth the duality of loss would add 1Q cancelling barrage yet altering quotient by prime injection every seventh decimal travel. This in addition to Z expanding A's reversal fuels linear forward travel. I now introduce crossin as center unbalance by adding 1 for multiplication in said "loss" field expansion which restabilizes expansion but leaves fueling of reduction (division of quotant factors). By reintroducing linear travel through funnel depth expands unilaterally with orbiting center allowing crossin to function as a wedge. If proposed linear as 1dimensional crossin has new meaning in a loss field. It expands it's depth leaving a cycling of integer travel fielded by hyper expansion/reduction. So for known mathematics to work in conjunction with crossin it's cousin the hyper cube must be inflation of decimal travel cubed by division (condensing inward travel for perpendicular gains) and it's sister must be expansion of lateral depth for perpetual cycling. This theory I plagurized from Newton but I defined the parameters he left uncited and by adding a loss field for funnel depth I discovered doubling as the source of reintegration. Taken as two parallels one moving forward and one moving backward this sister takes on new meaning as cycle revolutions between parallels. Reintroducing crossin at this point I found that perpindicular expansion is confined to depth of cycle doubling therefore cancelling expansion for revolutions. Once revolutions hit max capacity funnel divergence takes place adding three dimensional conal properties to two dimensional parallel divergence cycles revolving loss field through and around parallel expansions. This fourth quality defies meaning as a unilateral bridge between two dimensional cycles and three dimensional expansions so I theorize the infinty symbol be used as revolutions of parallels in conjunction with intersecting vertices both linear through oblonged center and bent around loss cycles. Think spherical loss with linear "braces" forming a lattice of expansion. If than parallel linears are revolving in motion would not a cycle complete the vision. Be back later to show how duality is it's weakness as well as it's strength. Okay so if cylindrical expansion is gaining from known beginnings than secoundary expansion retains linear by diverting it's parallel around it's conjunction. If said two dimensional cycles pervert this conjunction than cycle expansion ceases to exist allowing tubular cycles to redistribute lateral bracing for revolution of cylinder. This proposes a question. Does size have limits? I think using pathegoreans structure retention as a ratio to spherical density it gains new momentum as inflation of spherical qualities. So do known limits cease? In order to answer this question we must look at tubular density. Remember grade school. Geometry and algebra go hand in hand so where do fluid dynamics come into play? Remember the lateral "bracing". If this is spherical density condensed to a point than fluid expansion is revolution of algerbraic solutions with quotant factors of expansion of circular propulsion. Remember the funnel? Well if by opposites repelling each other momentum of tube is defined but reduction of size is not. So for crossin reintegration as brace stabilization pathogorean assumptions must take a backseat to expansion of bulge. This expansion must never equal reduction yet must remain in addition to crossin for spherical density. If this creates problematic solutions remember every strength has a weakness. So for spacial bulging ecspecially when cubed this reduction of linear must fuel expansion of depth yet hold it from center by reverse expanding bulge of crossin depth with parallel's expansion allowing outside revolution of cylinder to exceed parameters by dividing it's cycles by it's dimension. In other words perverting size for bulge expansion. If this expansion was inward as well as outward this tube would exceed parameters but if it's expansion funnels reverse it's cylindrical revolutions as in bulge diverting depth reverse original funnel a cycle of parallel converges as crossin becomes a wedge through unknown variables. If this hypothetical expansion was to divert extra momentum by cycling inward original loss field crossin would eventually divert parallels for brace expansion. This adds a quality to pathogoreans weakness allowing bulge expansion to take on fluid mechanics. Now supposing crossin originally diverts linear would be wrong as it's duality is it's weakness. Therefore every cross vertice with parallel's causes dual trajections perpendicular to one another yet expanding slower due to reverse conal emergence. If depth were it's decay crossin would be division of expansion. So with math theory in mind I offer 1 clue. Where was the divisional-quality of decagonal decimal in loss field trajection? Could it be the very vacuum of space? Does this explain known ergonomics? I add spherical qualities aside where did the two dimensional squares go? Could they in conjunction with parallel triangles and circular expansion offer a clue. Feel free to email any additional advice as this is a theory for realitivity in conjunction with space. Could these bulges I left undefined exist behind photon travel as inverted depth tracks that expand momentum for depth (vacuum created by light doubling it's speed). Anyhow have a good day/night and thank you thus far for reading ].
gary107   posted:8/19/2014 2:26:05 PM  (Reply)
a new personality has slip off from JackerB ? I remember meeting a guy who wrote and read like this, poor fellow. Is this Linc coming back?
urfrnd81   posted:8/19/2014 3:01:54 PM  (Reply)
Title: *Inverticed reduction of a geometric stabile (a universal twin [parralel] to matter as a 5th dimensional orbit of rotational convergence with a neutral depth)*
Inverting a duality of spherical proportions with trajection for stability would deduce an opening when of acute proportions when not inverted or for all intensive purposes a triangle with spherical duality. This triangle what with acute properties remains stable as long as an isosceles is perceived as existing. When combined these dimensional shifts interfere with the definition of a stabile geometric shape. An orbit as a decay field (decaying the dimensional interference of being a duality together) is a necessity to protect the very existence of a duality being perceived. As an outside to this shape is noticed "stacked" as it is than how could the formula (pathagorens) protect itself without deflection. So in a linear cycle an orbit is defined as being outside itself. How then can this shape emerge in 2dimensional existence without a 3rd. The answer lies in pi's rotation of 7th's prime integer ejection past decimal as a rotation from center. This "stacking" as it where literally builds a 3dimensional sphere. Suppose then that as a common denominator these expulsions of 5ths (cycle progression until neutral) or non dimensions can cycle the 7ths prime integer ejection outside itself as both a linear force and a "barrage" of stalled dimensional clarified ( or pi squared). This linear expulsion is feeding itself by consuming its 3rd dimensional emergence or prime recycling of rejected integers for linear progression. So in theoretical deduction a sphere is both open and closed at the same time. In cos-sin shift or loss field rotation of 3dimensional clarity a 2nd dimensional loss field would orbit the first dimension or seem to oblong around it's percieved center. Hence it's loss of spherical qualities would consume it's neutral orbiting albeit outside itself yet within it's own linear forcing a rotation. A cycle of deflection of neutral is found in it's literal hole within yet outside it's "self" center. So using pi's rejection of 7ths to rotate it's ever expansion you notice a duality emerges ( a literal giving and taking). If these "chaotic probabilities" stack 1 upon the other you notice an inescapable problem or absolute loss which has not 1 but 6 solutions only 1of which is both strong and weak. This a bent quality to a linear absolute. So the 7th rotation of a original prime would constitute an escape of the original conflict just propelled forward in a linear fashion instead of a perpendicular one. Allowing a 2nd dimensional quality to take on linear qualities. In quantum theory this field creates momentum through it's center yet constitutes reduction as it's original loss. In this mode space as 2dimensional depth can be jumped from point A to point B without a bend of reduction (or time) of momentum. Hence pi as linear progression is defined as stabile until recessed or cubed and stalled with center's edge when squared with expansion. This order of density explains both quantum binary sequence and chaotic properties with absolute definitions. So a tesseract as a bent/shift of dimensional expulsion of size has it's own linear bend of qualities as a jump of dimensional properties/area loss I call a terrasection. This center to a linear yet a bend centered has it's own qualities. One of which is holding 3dimensional space in a 2dimensional linear keeping both intact to make a point through this oblonged 2dimensional plane allowing a jump to move spacelessly and timelessly with momentum until opened by a clarified distance outside said defined loss field. Through quantum mechanics a dimensional paragram (loss of retention) through this perpendicular shift is reparalled past it's original departure to the new destination perpendicular it's perceived travel distance allowing a large distance to be perceived as a short one once converged with momentum. In order of theory short can be long outside yet cycling itself inside. Time as a fluid movement therefore becomes malleable to contradict this order definition until unidentified. Using a loss field to build a geometric stabile then reflecting itself back and forth allows this jump to move folded time unnoticed. Quantum tunneling bulges in response building new parallels to allow fluid transfer and normal perception to return unnoticed. In response to oversight I may have overlooked a few things but will be back again soon.
urfrnd81   posted:8/19/2014 4:17:32 PM  (Reply)
*Reduction of nuetral stabiles to orbital qualities*
In quantum control the flaw is always the stabile. In this control orbit is held with confined polarities. When a square meets triangulation it forces it's outer edges to collapse leaving a singular angle where bent proportions are first observed and than reconstituted to spacial adhesion of secular (duality) emergence. Therefore cossin is zero's (square's center) spacial distance from triangulation's center divided by it's cube in ratio to it's secular "depth" pi'd in rotations (allowing for momentum) until it's reduction equals it's center's acute trianglular deflection/absolute geometric loss. Basically angular momentum defined and clarified until reduction of it's loss is removed from it's original shape leading to sphereing of it's circumference for deflection of it's momentum until linear/spherical reemergence (a loss field defined by secular expansion of field control's loss). Case in point a circle has a cube thus a sphere is shown as a circle/momentum when defining a cubit of collapse. It seems strange to use cycling deflection as an absolute (control flaw) but without constraint parameters are excluded. Therefore a circle has linear deflection in third dimensional shifts seen as area expansion left undefined in controlled orbits (cycles). This theory as circumfrence collapse to stabile orbits has merit but as dimensional shifts allow it's parallel expansions, loss can be observed (as opposed to geometric original stability). So to show seclusion of pairing/dualities of linear intake a sphere has it's own weakness. This weakness when combined with expansion is hyper inflation of parameter constraints undefined until merged with dimensional downshift for decay field stability. So if crossin is deflection of momentum than cos-sin is momentum in emergence. To reexamine mathematics in "light" one must look beyond constraints. Case in point cossin takes it's meaning as a duality convergeing into a third allowing shift of angular momentum to hypothetically bend it's edge qualities while emergence of secular definitions continues. If in mathematical formulae seclusion of paired results leads to a weakness over greatness than the seclusion of a loss leads to finite results. This known mathematical quality also known as a chaos barrage-due to it's hyper inflated linear constraints-would constitute deflection of momentum for loss field reabsorbtion. Think a hypothetical bend in orbit of stationary center resulting in a sphere condensing in momentum to collapse a non rotational dimension as loss. In order to show crossin in mathematics stationary must never conceal the true center. This proposes a seclusion of base pairing (duality emergence) allowing the deflection to remain as the root and yet showing it's own definition as quantum control. If teleportation exists-via tunnel ergonomics-than mathematics can condenses it's twin control (data) as observance. Seen in this way dimensional clarity must be observed in order for physicality to exist. Light bends in this quality seen as deflection of it's original dimensional plane being seperated and stacked linear to it's dimensional properties (linear lengths of dimensional momentum bending to control). Reducing a concurrent cycle keeps it's perpetual "production" allowing it's duality to become apparent as a fluid movement (loss cycle/rotational instability). This fluid movement cycles it's decay as a loss field perpetuating constant perpendicular orbits held stabile unless held from fluidity or bending to linear momentum(s). As an example: a nuetral river with a dam would flux it's forward momentum into pulsing decay fields or outward ripples in place of it's forward momentum of intake allowing a diminishing of it's trajectory into an expanding funnel/spherical expulsion(s) (a bend of linear forward into a curtain of reduced dimensional qualities) of linear momentum. If light exists inside out than conscious thought takes on observational mathematics. Known conclusions must be disassembled in order to be understood therefore assembly can commence. If under scrutiny this thread develops a tone, realization of light's subjection can be seen. This being said light as a subject matter condenses itself in a never loss expelling it (loss) for forward expulsion/intake of distance.
gary107   posted:8/20/2014 4:51:03 AM  (Reply)
the Hydrogen 3 we remove from water is causing the increase in heart attack rates, but each national state feels it needs H-Bombs for the purpose of national defense. so called Ufo'S are also observed processing water. it is assumed they are taking Hydrogen
Three for use in cold fusion drives.
urfrnd81   posted:8/20/2014 7:17:56 AM  (Reply)
urfrnd81   posted:8/20/2014 10:10:25 AM  (Reply)
*Gluon (stacked linear charge) in momentum wakes*
Now let's get back to gravity or Inverted energy as it's been called. Suppose the aforementioned lapse of the photon's forward movement leaves a pulse of inverted space or "rip" of time (a tone of existence). This "rip" as you could call it had linear properties that were severed. In it's place it left a linear forward ( a lapse of pulse/forward ) that was inverted or "unravalled" at a rate that controls it's descent allowing it to pass beside it's return as a magnetic field. Through a later discussion we will explain altitudal grounding and it's dual function as the magnetosphere/heliosphere. Now this unraveling is held in place once it reaches the radiation level of momentum stability or hyper center roll of light's revolving doorways as an escape for lost momentums/dimensional trajectories. As a controlled descent of the Dual positively charged ion surrounding a negative charge (ion filling in for momentum loss) that inverts ionic existence inside out and around the charge until dimensional collapse for rejection stabile. The rips existence creates a perpetual tone. As mentioned earlier I will return to explain the magnetic duality and it's relation to light and earth. Gravity is consumed by atom's electrons because they are quantum tunnel openings that are always constant just not always in the same place/time. If particulate manner can exist seperate an electronic field than a flux could pulse it's own lapse causing a return of croll or center's roll inside out allowing hyper momentum to reconstitute (radiation reemergence). I think a magnet explains this as an inverted flux held stabile by it's lack of center stability. For all intensive purposes I will return at a later time to discuss anti-gravity and it's properties but for now will focus on it's descent. Imagine a Y only one edge is pulled upward and the other curved inward. Attached to this Y on the other end is a croll that's expanded into control. Suppose for a second that the curve constitutes it's pull towards it's linear loss of forward and up/down ( light's qualities ). On the other hand this seperation causes it's hypothetical loss as a perpendicular perpetual to pull towards the over/under universe. In this manner it's dualed or reflected into the same only opposite it's perpendicular polarity in order to control it's croll in the center of these Ys. I'll be back to explain heat cones and there relation to forward time progression and altitudal grounding as well as inverse qualities of magnetic polarity in conjunction to polar N/S. Also I will explain lights relation to these functions and how kinetic motion fields those and other functions to control heat transfer ( a function of geometric shape with time and momentum ). Anyhow bye for now and as always thank you for reading.
gary107   posted:8/20/2014 1:33:36 PM  (Reply)
we do have neutron bombs and a lot of them. "good" for killing all the living things within a small area, like a city, but leaving the buildings, art, and machinery intact.
photons give off x-rays when in orbit around blackholes. I brought that point to the attention of Dr. Arthur Young of the SDSU Astronomy Dept. back in the late 1980's. there is a different Dr. Arthur Young in that department now, not related to the Dr. A. Young of note.
urfrnd81   posted:8/20/2014 2:30:30 PM  (Reply)
Hmmmm... suppose a neutron bomb moves through dual dimensions just like human beings. That being said it moves forward with time constraints . Humans on the other hand also move forward and backward so a neutron bomb would only affect one dimension. Now if we had endless dimensions like light-spherical densities aside- would it not stand to reason that we are all frequencys just not all pulsing at the same time (in relation to our "spherical selves". Therefore if in one dimension our bodily "self" is destroyed another "self" takes its place. This changes the very fabric of reality for a time but bending reality is the ability of GOD so everything still "balances" out even timeal dimensions ejecting (time folds ejected with dimensional space and existence). Meaning life exists regardless of space constraints (controls) and perceived/viewed reality (defining constants).
bobprin   posted:8/21/2014 5:59:17 AM  (Reply)
Ok I understand! You are theorizing that the past once existed, the moment of "now" does exist and the future will exist. Brilliant.

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