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"photon" dissimilation

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anthonycbush81atgmail   posted:8/13/2014 12:54:29 PM  (Reply)
First a thing or two about myself. First I'm writing in response to government interference in my personal life. I'll start with the odd thing about "time" travel. I use quotations because in my own experience time can be anything but straight. Linear yes, straight no. First off in later articles be them threads from myself or news conferences we will come to the bottom of this oddity. Okay to explain time we must realize it is "fluid" movement. Always changing: growing, shrinking and bending. Time as we know it comes from a source. This source is at the bottom of a spherical tunnel (aka quantum tunnel). If you imagine for a moment that time is an arrow you'd notice it has a point and a beginning. The beginning being its point of origin and the point its path. Notice fluidity being the transfer of energy used to create the arrow the distance it traveled and the trajectory of its life. A duality is created everytime it moves from stationary and these dualities "stack" up over time (linear existence moved). Coming back to it's point of origin would constitute a cycle. Knowing I'm on a path (me being the arrow) I realize I'm unconditionally forced to be aware of my opposite cycle. This opposite be it happy or sad has his own cycle and "stacks" opposite myself. This perpetual movement center's my own existence as being a Third. The virtual center of two cycling possibilities opposite one another yet still fueling their own existences. Myself knowing I'm between them makes myself a "prime" defining observer or a definitive prime. Being a prime virtually stacks my own existence and fuels my center's expansion. (Some of you are undoubtedly seeing the universe at this point and would be correct). The two opposites might be stacking my own existence of both choices I make. (Subconscious thought's and choices and their counter thought's choices). These openings or point origins yet opposite their own definement clarify a duality. (Universal blackholes: always seeming to eat yet staying perpetual by eating what they eject). Back to the arrow: a symbiotic relationship one theoritical (full of possibilities) one defined (already clarified). This is universal existence (always changing yet staying defined) and only an observer can realize it. Note: wake up people I'm feeling alone. Doubtlessly your realizing the possibilities and seeing the conscious center. I'm gonna go eat some food and prove myself "real" so if you want to hear the rest and other amazing revelations email me. I'd much rather do this in person either over the phone or in person so we will start with the emailing and move from there.
jeff   posted:8/13/2014 6:07:22 PM  (Reply)
Meth much? You never got in to government interference, btw. Does your "knowledge" make you a primary target?
anthonycbush81atgmail   posted:8/13/2014 6:32:57 PM  (Reply)
With love for light
jeff   posted:8/13/2014 8:44:24 PM  (Reply)
So? Be a dead man. The truth will prevail. God will reward you. I have heard of binary stars and doppelgangers. Don't worry about men being on their way to you. Been there. Done that. It's all mental bullshit. Your mind is playing tricks on you.
anthonycbush81atgmail   posted:8/14/2014 10:09:59 AM  (Reply)
Thank you. I appreciate the friendship. Fearless:lessfear
bobprin   posted:8/14/2014 9:26:04 PM  (Reply)
Well that was blatantly confusing.
jeff   posted:8/14/2014 9:45:48 PM  (Reply)
jeff   posted:8/14/2014 9:49:44 PM  (Reply)
So many people think the government is after them for their version of the truth *sighs

Nothing is true. Didn't Buddha say something like that? We're all just making shit up in our heads without knowing it.
anthonycbush81atgmail   posted:8/18/2014 3:31:22 PM  (Reply)
Now that we have explained how universal existence and dimensional existence both collide in a tunnel we can move to the "force behind the point". Think of light as a circle. Notice how you picture it 2dimensionally. When turned sideways it becomes a line. This line is capable of being 2dimensional and 3dimensional as well as 1dimensional or linear. This reduction of linear is a sphere. Notice that its linear as well. Pie functions in this way by reducing its nonlinear by expanding it's dimension. Makes little sense unless you notice a barrage that seems to exceed stopping. With every diffusion of its stopping point it creates a bend. This bend makes a spherical quality out of prime integers eventually recycling them. In order of chaos explanation defines dimension or your unable to define clarity in 2 dimensions unless they appear in linear order. This order never receding just recycling its fifth integer past the decimal into its fourth ejection of (prime). While it makes little sense to anyone but a mathematician, it literally explodes in a barrage of possibilities. Think now how a linear progression can expell its prime definition by taking on spherical or (bent) linear parallels. This is how a photon works. Its literally fueling its spherical yet pushing its linear by never staying in the same place. Its called progressive digression. A literal giving of its forward to remain 2dimensional linear. In a way gravity functions as a diffusion of its linear back into a spherical yet expelling its 2nd dimensional. This is a return to neutral for the original photon being held in place by its duality (although gravity has a duality also). This is the upper and also the lower universe always giving and taking from the center (a centers edge to two dualities one inside the other). Centers edge is the linear point seen as inside yet outside its self. Almost like a tesseract only in expulsion of its size as a cylindrical forward or beam of light. Once noticed from a distance this edge becomes distinct as a diffusion yet is really an illusion as its size becomes undefined. This duality becomes its literal outside revolution. A window inside its 1 dimensional qualities as expulsion instead of linear. A tesseract on the other hand reduces its 3rd dimension and its linear by being stalled due to its lack of bending linear. Light like this illusion has no point outside yet inside preventing its outside from becoming its inside. This illusion of a 4th quality is its diffusional lack forming another revolving doorway. In this manner light travels back and forth literally giving and taking speed and distance........I'll be back to explain more later
anthonycbush81atgmail   posted:8/18/2014 6:56:38 PM  (Reply)
Okay if you know Steven Hawking's work you know a white hole is possible/real. A quantum tunnel is started/finished here. ( here being the blackhole's ever deepening center) Although this here is a lapse it's also what fuels the pulse. Think of light as two wavelengths: one low and one high. These wave lengths are literal triangle and square oscillations. It seems impossible but this is called a revolving door. In between these are an inverted center edge. If this seems hard to understand think of a rectangle that's really far away and you notice it turns into a cylindrical shape. At the onset of this dimensional shift it's parallel is the rectangle. This illusion fuels the taper at the end of the rectangle from a distance. These tapers combine to form a tesseract. It seems uniformly impossible but a literal stacking of tapered edges eventually becomes it's beginning. The linear bend to it's original shape is what I call a terrasection. Coining this term is my copyright. I'll come back to this soon. I have an original new math theory I'm calling quantum dissaray and it explains a loss field of both a tesseract and a linear into spherical proportions. This will prove how an oblonged center (time) has a linear result. I will try to post a link to it but have written it down on paper as it seems easier to draw the diagrams. If I alarm you with my direction I promise you I'm going somewhere with this.
anthonycbush81atgmail   posted:8/18/2014 7:57:35 PM  (Reply)
In linear expulsion light literally pulses it's lag or oscillates these frequencies until linear forward movement. The other hand as you would say lags it's pulse pushing it's existence into oblivion. These aforementioned revolving doors move at endless speed through the 3 known universes ( over/under, linear and under/over). Notice there is no "ceiling" on this duality. These qualities fuel our universe's expansion and expulsion yet define it's self as a retraction. In a hyper universe such as our own dualities are common place. Together a negative and positive attract but are held apart from seperation. Einstein theorized that matter equaled light at the speed of light (constant progression undefined or doubled) until this energy is stalled. As a reminder the energy expells over/under and under/over (giving and taking and vice versa).In spherical proportions a cycle would be undefined as a stall. Think of pi squared as it's own root in a hyper state ( literal doubling pi until stalled as a wall between increase and reduction). So in another sense it makes up the force behind spherical loss/ gain or it's 3dimensional shape. Easier explanation is likely Tesla's electromagnetic reduction of neutral grounding. In this manner a loss field makes up shape and yet is oblong/oblonged into spherical. In Tesla and Einstein's theories a common denominator must be present. This hyper duo they both theorized must be to heavy for reality. Well I propose this HyperForce is the literal stacking of light's revolving doorways. I know it seems strange to use pi as a sphere but I use it to show how a sphere's center is dispersed as it's shapes force. Using this as prime integer ejection until cubed you see the middle of the sphere as it's "wall" ( pi squared). Now suppose radius of pi is a theoritcal reduction of it's own shape. This division is a backwards progression of pi which happens after it's neutral has been oblonged anywhere but center. Under my quantum dissaray theory a loss field is both linear through and center's expulsion. In theoretical orbits planal existences are clarified by linear lines or vertices. Now imagine as in our duality ( every action has an equal and opposite reaction), universal linear is always strong and weak. So every straight line can be bent opposite it's own existence yet paralleling inside itself. Later I will show how duality is it's weakness as well. Anyhow have a good day/night and thank you thus far for reading
gary107   posted:8/19/2014 2:26:05 PM  (Reply)
a new personality has slip off from JackerB ? I remember meeting a guy who wrote and read like this, poor fellow. Is this Linc coming back?
anthonycbush81atgmail   posted:8/19/2014 3:01:54 PM  (Reply)
Title: Inverticed reduction of a geometric stabile or a universal twin (parralel) to matter as a 5th dimensional orbit. Inverting a duality or stability would deduce an opening when not inverted or for all intensive purposes a triangle. This triangle what with acute properties remains stable as long as an isosceles is perceived as existing. When combined these dimensional shifts interfere with the definition of a stabile geometric shape. An orbit as a decay field (decaying the dimensional interference of being a duality together) is a necessity to protect the very existence of a duality being perceived. As an outside to this shape is noticed "stacked" as it is than how could the formula (pathagorens) protect itself without deflection. So in a linear cycle an orbit is defined as being outside itself. How then can this shape emerge in 2dimensional existence without a 3rd. The answer lies in pi's rotation of 7th's prime ejection as a rotation from center. This "stacking" as it where literally builds a 3dimensional sphere. Suppose then that as a common denominator these expulsion of 5ths or non dimensions can cycle the 7ths outside itself as both a linear force and a "barrage" of stalled dimensional clarified ( or pi squared). This linear expulsion is feeding itself by consuming its 3rds or prime recycling of rejected integers. So in theoretical deduction a sphere is both open and closed at the same time. In cos-sin shift or loss field rotation of 3dimensional clarity a 2nd dimensional loss field would orbit the first or seem to oblong around it's center. Hence it's loss of spherical qualities would consume it's neutral orbiting albeit outside itself yet within it's own linear. A cycle of deflection of neutral is found in it's literal hole within yet outside it's "self" center. So using pi's rejection of 7ths to rotate it's ever expansion you notice a duality emerges ( a literal giving and taking). If these "chaotic probabilities" stack 1 upon the other you notice an inescapable problem or loss has not 1 but 6 solutions only 1of which is both strong but weak. This a bent quality to a linear absolute. So the 7th rotation of a original prime would constitute an escape of the original conflict just propelled forward in a linear fashion instead of a perpendicular one. In quantum theory this field creates momentum through it's center yet constitutes reduction as it's original loss. In this mode space as 2dimensional can be jumped from point A to point B without a bend of reduction (or time). Hence pi as linear progression is defined as stabile tell recessed or cubed and stalled with center's edge when squared. This order of density explains both quantum binary sequence and chaotic properties with absolute definitions. Soa tesseract as a bent and shift has it's own linear bend as a jump called a terrasection. This center to a linear yet a bend centered has it's own qualities. One of which is holding 3dimensional space in a 2dimensional linear keeping both intact to make a point through this oblonged 2dimensional plane allowing this jump to move spacelessly and timelessly until opened by a clarified distance outside this said loss field. Through quantum mechanics a dimensional paragram through this perpendicular shift is reparalled past it's original departure to the new destination perpendicular it's perceived travel allowing a large distance to be perceived as a short one. In order of theory short can be long outside yet cycling itself inside. Time as a fluid movement therefore becomes malleable to contradict this order definition until unidentified. Using a loss field to build a geometric stabile then reflecting itself back and forth allows this jump to move folded time unnoticed. Quantum tunneling bulges in response building new parallels to allow fluid transfer and normal perception to return. In response to oversight I may have overlooked a few things but will be back again soon.
anthonycbush81atgmail   posted:8/19/2014 4:17:32 PM  (Reply)
Therefore cos-sin is zero's spacial distance from center divided by it's cube pi'd until reduction equals it's center's acute triangle. Basically angular momentum defined and clarified until reduction of it's loss is removed from it's original shape and sphereing it's circumference to deflection after straight. Light bends in this quality seen as deflection of it's original plane seperated and stacked linear to it's dimensional properties ( rainbow ). Reducing a concurrent cycle keeps it's perpetual allowing it's duality to become apparent as a fluid movement ( loss cycle ). This fluid movement cycles it's decay as a loss field perpetuating constant perpendicular orbits held stabile unless held from fluidity. As an example: Water being dammed causes fluxes of forward movement pulsing this decay into reality. From a perspective of outside these pulses fuel perpetual fluid seperation ( clouds ) forcing condensation to collect heavier particules ( carbon ) to battle this decay. Anyway be back soon
gary107   posted:8/20/2014 4:51:03 AM  (Reply)
the Hydrogen 3 we remove from water is causing the increase in heart attack rates, but each national state feels it needs H-Bombs for the purpose of national defense. so called Ufo'S are also observed processing water. it is assumed they are taking Hydrogen
Three for use in cold fusion drives.
anthonycbush81atgmail   posted:8/20/2014 7:17:56 AM  (Reply)
anthonycbush81atgmail   posted:8/20/2014 10:10:25 AM  (Reply)
Now let's get back to gravity or Inverted energy as it's been called. Suppose the aforementioned lapse of the photon's forward movement leaves a pulse of inverted space or "rip" of time. This "rip" as you could call it had linear properties that were severed. In it's place it left a linear forward ( a lapse of pulse/forward ) that was inverted or "unravalled" at a rate that controls it's descent allowing it to pass it's return as a magnetic field. Through a later discussion we will explain altitudal grounding and it's dual function as the magnetosphere. Now this unraveling is held in place once it reaches the radiation level or hyper center roll of light's revolving doorways. As a controlled descent of the Dual positive charge return to the Ionosphere this revolution of lapse is constant. As mentioned earlier I will return to explain the magnetic duality and it's relation to light and earth. Gravity is consumed by atom's electrons because they are quantum tunnel openings that are always constant just not always in the same place. If particulate manner can exist seperate an electronic field than a flux could pulse it's lapse causing a return of croll or center's roll inside out. I think a magnet is an inverted flux held stabile by it's lack of center stability. For all intensive purposes I will return at a later time to discuss anti-gravity and it's properties but for now will focus on it's descent. Imagine a Y only one edge is pulled upward and the other curved inward. Attached to this Y on the other end is a croll that's expanded into control. Suppose for a second that the curve constitutes it's pull towards it's linear loss of forward and up/down ( light's qualities ). On the other hand this seperation causes it's hypothetical loss as a perpendicular perpetual to pull towards the over/under universe. In this manner it's dualed or reflected into the same only opposite it's perpendicular polarity in order to control it's croll in the center of these Ys. I'll be back to explain heat cones and there relation to forward time progression and altitudal grounding as well as inverse qualities of magnetic polarity in conjunction to polar N/S. Also I will explain lights relation to these functions and how kinetic motion fields those and other functions to control heat transfer ( a function of geometric shape and time ). Anyhow bye for now and as always thank you for reading.
gary107   posted:8/20/2014 1:33:36 PM  (Reply)
we do have neutron bombs and a lot of them. "good" for killing all the living things within a small area, like a city, but leaving the buildings, art, and machinery intact.
photons give off x-rays when in orbit around blackholes. I brought that point to the attention of Dr. Arthur Young of the SDSU Astronomy Dept. back in the late 1980's. there is a different Dr. Arthur Young in that department now, not related to the Dr. A. Young of note.
anthonycbush81atgmail   posted:8/20/2014 2:30:30 PM  (Reply)
Hmmmm... suppose a neutron bomb moves through dual dimensions just like human beings. That being said it moves forward with time. Humans on the other hand move forward and backward so a neutron bomb would only affect one dimension. Now if we had endless dimensions would it not stand that we are all frequencys just not at the same time. Therefore if one dimension is destroyed another takes its place. This changes the very fabric of reality for a time but everything balances out even timeal dimensions ( time ejected dimensional existence ). Meaning life exists regardless of space.
bobprin   posted:8/21/2014 5:59:17 AM  (Reply)
Ok I understand! You are theorizing that the past once existed, the moment of "now" does exist and the future will exist. Brilliant.

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