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Most Recent Articles

Written By: Paranormal News
Posted: 4/21/2015
Douglas Adams once visualized a computer and presented it with the problem of finding the ultimate answer to the question of life. The result? 42. Then he wrote about it and made millions of dollars. So obviously, computers are pretty useful. God, I love this intro. Anyway, the questions remain--how useful, can we compete, why do donkeys matter, what does an extraterrestrial race have to do with Medusa, and do we live forever?
Reads: 504   Submitted By: 0x6a656666

Written By: TS Caladan
Posted: 4/20/2015
Who was Y-Man? What did he want? Was he a she? Was this a visitation from an extraterrestrial? Why did the stranger only appear at night? Was it a hologram that required nighttime to function? Was he a space-age vampire? What was it doing as it materialized and watched on major city rooftops as well as at sites of ancient ruins? Film clips showed the figure simply looked over the planet and people in front of him in the darkness, without weapons or activity of apparatus.
Reads: 448   Submitted By: 0x6a656666

Written By: TS Caladan
Posted: 3/31/2015
Conclusions of my two-year investigation will not be accepted when I report them, back at home base. It was difficult for my superiors to believe first information that the one once considered 'wickedest man on Earth' was kept alive and will be for some time in the future. They contemplated the awful possibility that when it came to 'free will' of the human race, the reason roads to war were taken before paths to peace, might be because of a single and 'vile consciousness' that remained alive even in the 21st Century?
Reads: 1302   Submitted By: 0x6a656666

Written By: Robert Torres
Posted: 2/8/2015
There is a species of extraterrestrials that are often referred to as being myth logical but in fact are very real. I call them “The Watchers” or “The God Species.” I know this because I believe I encountered one and it altered my entire reality. At first and for the longest time, I believed my encounter was a UFO. It wasn’t until years later that I deduced it was an entity and that it was here for me. “Why me?” It’s as if someone lifted a curtain, wanting to reveal to me a certain amount of esoteric knowledge. I’ve read that this is rare but that throughout history this is the way it has always been done.
Reads: 5218   Submitted By: 0x6a656666

Written By: TS Caladan
Posted: 2/8/2015
The following statements could all be true: Stanley Kubrick was a super-genius and the greatest cinematic artist of the 20th Century. Stanley Kubrick was coerced to work for the government and faked the Moon landings that were shown to the public. Stanley Kubrick placed hints of what he had secretly done in a number of his films. Stanley Kubrick was murdered for what he did and what he knew...
Reads: 3282   Submitted By: 0x6a656666

Written By: TS Caladan
Posted: 12/13/2014
Can you imagine a universe where the heavenly cosmos contains every band of every frequency and ultimate energy is everywhere? Can you conceive of a Yin without a Yang? Is it possible to have space as the ultimate Power, Light, Energy, Electricity, Magnetism or Consciousness?
Reads: 5329   Submitted By: 0x6a656666

Written By: John Moore
Posted: 12/13/2014
Lately it seems everyone I speak to about a new case believes they have some negative entity or demon haunting them. Most forget that about 80% of paranormal claims have a perfectly logical and natural cause. Of the remaining 20% of claims that are paranormal less than 1% are truly in human or demonic in nature. This article is for after those cases that truly are paranormal in nature and have no natural explanation. The most common cause I have run across for this idea that there is a demon in the house is simply a misinterpretation of a spirits attempts to communicate. There are some key factors to look for during a paranormal investigation that indicate a negative or demonic entity which we will discuss later...
Reads: 5628   Submitted By: 0x6a656666

Written By: Robert Torres
Posted: 9/30/2014
A major part of my story has to do with government targeting and it is also a big part of the whole UFO slash paranormal cover-up story which is what I write about. UFOs are cited as a main reason for being targeted by the government. The alien agenda cover-up is a big part of this and to some the biggest conspiracy in history. Secret wave weapons research and applications cross over into the subject of "targeting" that has to be mentioned. Many a writer would extend this to say that any unorthodox science is a target of the conspiracy. It's the dumbing down of man by the use and purposeful distribution of misinformation. Everything is explained away as something else. Every UFO is swamp gas or an errant missile. Ghosts are hallucinations; mass sightings are mass hallucinations and so on…
Reads: 6297   Submitted By: 0x6a656666

Written By: Dennis Balthaser
Posted: 9/25/2014
Many of you that are familiar with the 1947 Roswell Incident are aware that back in 1947, the Army and Air Force were combined as one unit, and the military base located a few miles south of town, was referred to as RAAF, (Roswell Army Air Field). Many changes have occurred at the base since then, and today it’s probably one of busiest and most productive and profitable ex-military bases in the country.
Reads: 6038   Submitted By: 0x6a656666

Written By: Robert Torres
Posted: 9/25/2014
There are sometimes points in life when you come to realize that everything in your world is a predictable pattern. As you will gradually come to see throughout this book, what sometimes seems to pass for random, to me is not random at all. So now the unpredictability of randomness has also become predictable. That is, I’ve accepted the seeming randomness of the paranormal as normal. Normal as in just another part of the reality of my life. Before that though, my whole world and my way of thinking had to change.
Reads: 5290   Submitted By: 0x6a656666

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Most Recent News

A county in Ohio is making an example out of ghost hunters and urban explorers that visit an old tuberculosis hospital in one of their towns without permission. Hundreds of people have been arrested and charged with trespassing for trying to investigate the old hospital's ghost legend.

Posted: 4/27/2015 9:38:09 AM   Reads: 15   Submitted By: Paranormal Playground   Source: www.examiner.com

An Ohio businessman wants to buy an abandoned tuberculosis hospital with plans to use it for year-round paranormal investigations and a haunted attraction. He offered $600,000 to the county that owns the property.

Posted: 4/27/2015 9:35:39 AM   Reads: 74   Submitted By: Paranormal Playground   Source: www.examiner.com

I received the following narrative a few years ago...a vacation experience.

Posted: 4/26/2015 12:28:53 PM   Reads: 211   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: www.astralperceptions.com

The following letter was prepared in the late 1990's by the public affairs staff at the White Sands Missile Range for a weekly column in the Las Cruces Sun-News and the Alamogordo Daily News. This is a humorous explanation for the UFO phenomenon...but surprising that a government agency even referenced the UFO / alien topic

Posted: 4/25/2015 2:54:00 PM   Reads: 198   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: www.phantomsandmonsters.com

The chief adept of the Magical Order of the Auroa Aurea, Nick Farrell has been sent a cease and desist letter from the head of a German occult order which claims that he has published its secrets. Farrell released a book HIDDEN PATH BEHIND INITIATION a couple of weeks back based on a translation of a masonic book released in the 19th century. Apparently Farrell has received a letter from a German order with the catchy title Auserwählte der Neun und der Fünfzehn which claims his book publishes its secrets. The letter is signed by Degenhard Haus who says he is the Chevalier-Adepte of the Order. “I am not aware how you obtained this information, but I request you honourably remove this book from publication to preserve the sanctity of this Order and the oaths that its members have made,” Haus wrote. “As you will no doubt be aware, our Order was founded in 1790 under the direction of the authors of the CRATA ROPOA and we do not wish our secrets published,” the letter concludes. Farrell tells us

Posted: 4/25/2015 9:46:38 AM   Reads: 287   Submitted By: monkeyofstick   Source: www.watcherofthedawn.com

Paranormal enthusiasts everywhere will have to mark their calendars for the first Sunday in May. Paranormal Day is next weekend!

Posted: 4/25/2015 8:13:58 AM   Reads: 196   Submitted By: Paranormal Playground   Source: www.examiner.com

I will occasionally receive an interesting 'strange neighbor' account...but the following submission from is one of my favorites

Posted: 4/24/2015 7:05:15 PM   Reads: 361   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: www.phantomsandmonsters.com

Think you know something because TV told you so? Think again

Posted: 4/24/2015 4:47:56 PM   Reads: 338   Submitted By: Roy SMFP   Source: exploringparanormal1.blogspot.com

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management announced last week that they were looking for people to spend the summer at a historic ghost town for their volunteer residency program. The positions were immediately filled and the agency was flooded with phone calls and emails from paranormal enthusiasts from all over the world that wanted the job.

Posted: 4/24/2015 9:04:50 AM   Reads: 298   Submitted By: Paranormal Playground   Source: www.examiner.com

A wedding photo of a Virginia couple is going viral on social media sites this week. The photo appears to have an unexpected ghostly guest in between the newlyweds.

Posted: 4/24/2015 8:56:46 AM   Reads: 442   Submitted By: Paranormal Playground   Source: www.examiner.com

For the past few days, I've been going back over my notes that referenced abduction incidents and descriptions of alien activity by experiencers. The agenda of these non-terrestrials has concerned me for many years...even before I became involved with abductee accounts. The one aspect that particularly burdens me is missing children and what becomes of them after they are taken.

Posted: 4/23/2015 5:31:30 PM   Reads: 388   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: www.phantomsandmonsters.com

Follow the haunting adventures of the new paranormal show down under.

Posted: 4/23/2015 2:41:15 PM   Reads: 323   Submitted By: Roy SMFP   Source: exploringparanormal1.blogspot.com

Think parnormal groups can be dysfunctional? What about the world of the paranormal equipment manufacturers?

Posted: 4/23/2015 2:39:27 PM   Reads: 317   Submitted By: Roy SMFP   Source: www.paranormaldiscord.com

Ghost Stalkers created by Nick Groff of the famous Ghost Adventures

Posted: 4/23/2015 2:31:11 PM   Reads: 399   Submitted By: Roy SMFP   Source: www.paranormaldiscord.com

Follow Zak Bagans on his new adventure of Ghost Adventures Aftershocks

Posted: 4/23/2015 2:29:22 PM   Reads: 274   Submitted By: Roy SMFP   Source: exploringparanormal1.blogspot.com

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